Sometimes in life it is not enough to just work hard to achieve the desired results, but you also have to learn to accept a waiting that may seem endless. "The Longest Year, Road to Tokyo" is an extraordinary behind-the-scenes account, with unpublished glimpses into the lives of our athletes who waited a long time for the Tokyo2020 Olympics.

Filippo Tortu
Le Farfalle
Simona Quadarella
Jannik Sinner
Filippo Ganna

I am honoured to have been chosen by Fastweb to partner with the company in its new communication project. The beginning of this collaboration was engaging and enjoyable, two elements that are also distinctive of my approach to training. After the incredible emotions of the Tokyo Olympics, all my efforts are now focused on the next challenges that await me. Thanks to Fastweb's constant support, I can focus on preparation and training in the best possible way so that I can break new records.

Filippo Tortu


To illustrate the country's drive towards digitalisation, Fastweb has chosen as its testimonial the first Italian in history who was able to go under 10 seconds in the premier sprint race of athletics: Filippo Tortu, the sprinter who broke the 100-metre record held by the sports legend Pietro Mennea. And just as Filippo is racing to achieve ever more ambitious goals, Fastweb has another equally strong ambition: to become the first Italian fixed-mobile fully convergent operator to connect Italy with 5G.

Speed in the DNA

As with Filippo, speed has always been in Fastweb's DNA, and after playing a leading role in bringing ultra-fast broadband connections to families and businesses across Italy, the company is once again confirming its leadership in innovation with another important objective to achieve for the country: to ensure that all Italians make the transition to full digitalisation thanks to 5G.

Filippo Tortu, Italian sprinter, has given voice to his story by describing his relationship with speed: a powerful ally during training, but which can become a real obstacle for those who, during a race, want to achieve maximum speed at all costs.

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