A company made up of people

Fastweb is the result of the passion, skill and ideas of its people. That’s why we believe in an informal and friendly working environment, yet one that is stimulating and centred on innovation.
Fastweb, everyone is unique, with their own name and story. Everyone makes their own contribution to the growth of the company.

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  • Mina
    Listening to our customers' needs and challenging ourselves every day to do better and better.
  • Susy
    Accompanying customers towards connection and stepping into their shoes with a single goal: to transform their journey into the best possible digital experience.
  • Fabrizio
    What does Digital Transformation mean for Fastweb? A change and improvement of the customer experience through the simplification of business processes and technological innovation.
  • Paolo
    The transformation into an OTT Infrastructure means becoming a company that by making innovative products that provide an increasingly simple, digital and transparent customer experience, also achieves a competitive advantage. The courage to face this challenge is in Fastweb's DNA.
  • Marcello
    Developing innovative technologies and software applications to build digital, but above all human, connections that make the customer experience unique and that improve our services.
  • Elena
    Experimenting with innovative technologies and solutions and designing a pathway to digital experience for an optimal customer journey.
  • Valentina
    The passion we put into our work every day significantly enhances the relationship of trust with our customers. Providing quality customer service contributes to a better perception of us.
  • Michele
    Coming into contact with complex and important companies. This is the only way to understand what customer management professionalism and reliability mean.
  • Francesco
    Being part of a winning team, made up of many different personalities, but always with a strong spirit of cooperation to achieve the set out objectives.
  • Stefania
    Flexibility to break the mould by proposing new solutions to increase the level of trust the customer has in us.
  • Francesco
    Adapting our ideas, changing our approach quickly to deal with the variables around us.
  • Rossana
    Valuing people's performance by considering them as the drivers of a real competitive advantage and creating a people experience capable of attracting, retaining and managing human capital in line with the company's economic growth and development objectives.
  • Annamaria
    Exploring the skills and objectives of colleagues and candidates on a daily basis to help people discover their full potential and achieve personal growth goals.
  • Maria Giovanna
    Maria Giovanna
    Supporting colleagues on a daily basis by listening to their needs and suggesting simple solutions with the aim of always operating ethically and transparently.
  • Salvatore
    Viewing the company as a whole: highlight the qualities of the offers, act on the values that distinguish us and set an example also in the application of the industry regulations.
  • Concetta
    We are young and mature, we are passionate and shy, we are unique and different. But together, we feel represented by our brand. And when we see our logo, we feel at home.
  • Andrea
    Committing to the digital growth of the country, listening to the customers and their needs, designing a versatile offering and providing products in line with customers’ expectations.
  • Luigi
    We bring new elements to our processes and services by constantly listening to the market and the world and applying our curiosity on a daily basis. The ability to transform this curiosity into concrete results is the basis for innovation.
  • Kristina
    Recognising the needs of the community and providing answers is our responsibility. We strive to promote e-skills with energy, will and flexibility: they are the engine that makes us achieve our goals.
  • Sonia
    Listening to customers and anticipating their needs. And when the customers are other Telecommunications Operators, the relationship is even richer, thanks to the constant dialogue on market developments.
  • Michele
    Always trying to put yourself in your customers' shoes, understand their needs and expectations and develop specific campaigns for them.
  • Filippo
    Mastery of technology is no longer the final frontier. It also requires great skill in building the right mix of partners and efficient execution to meet the needs of the customer and the country system. And this ability has been embraced and acted upon by the people of Fastweb.
  • Roberto
    Looking far ahead to anticipate our customers' needs, building a large network of effective collaboration with colleagues and suppliers so that we all feel part of a great shared project: our future!
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Every day we face challenges and changes thanks to the experience and expertise of our teams. Together we build the future with confidence!

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