You are Future

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With TU SEI FUTURO Fastweb redefines its identity through a new strategic vision. A vision that puts people at the centre and encourages everyone be part of the Future redesigned by an ongoing digital transformation. A renewed commitment that goes through the development of key infrastructures for the digitalisation of the country continues to pursue the highest standards of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, with the aim of helping everyone to build their Future, with confidence.

A more connected, more inclusive, more eco-sustainable Future.

What Fastweb envisions and is committed to achieving through digital technology is a more connected, inclusive and eco-sustainable Future that is built day after day through the availability of high-performance Gigabit-speed networks and innovative services, the widest possible dissemination of digital skills, the development of an inclusive culture that enhances the specificities of each individual and cultivates talent, aligning itself with the best international standards to make its contribution to the fight against climate change.

Vision and Values

Fastweb's ambition towards the future is also based on the shared Vision and Values that inspire the company and its employees and that are the expression of a company that is constantly evolving to continue to play a leading role in the digital transformation of the country.

Our vision: Together we simply connect the future

Our values:

We care
We make decisions for the benefit of customers
We take care of our colleagues
We take care of ourselves
We are digital
We are leaders
We are entrepreneurs
We create value for the company
We invest in people and the community
We make sustainable choices for the environment

Open your Future

Un bambino e una bambina che spingono i muri per chiudere un divario e aprire a tutti le porte del futuro.

Abbiamo deciso di raccontare così il nostro impegno concreto, attraverso un murale, un muro per abbattere i muri, un dono che facciamo alla città di Milano, perché pensiamo che l’arte sia il modo più diretto per comunicare con le persone e che la bellezza ispiri al cambiamento.

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