Fastweb Benefit Company

Sustainability, transparency and ethics are the foundations on which Fastweb and its employees work. Alongside the growth and development of its business, Fastweb has always set itself the goal of guaranteeing people and the country a more connected, inclusive and environmentally sustainable future.

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To make this goal even more effective and tangible, Fastweb has taken the status of Benefit Company as at 1 January 2022, further confirming its will to indelibly imprint in its DNA, in its daily life and in future generations of directors and managers, the focus on sustainability that has always distinguished it.

This approach is aimed at formally balancing what is beneficial to shareholders with what is beneficial to stakeholders. Fastweb thus becomes also formally a company that works according to a sustainable development model in the interest of all stakeholders, and that shares the value generated and its own growth in the community in which it operates.

By becoming a “Benefit Company”, Fastweb adopts the stakeholder company model, which combines the typical business objectives of a company with those of an institution that operates in a sustainable manner for the community, the country and the environment.

Fastweb, as a Benefit Company, defines annual Common Benefit goals that have a material, objective and measurable impact for all stakeholders involved and adopts all measures aimed at ensuring maximum transparency as well as the stakeholder involvement in the process of defining and reporting on its operations.

Objectives for 2022
More connected future
+ 2 million homes connected at speeds of 1 Gbit/s or more
We want to give more and more people the chance to be connected via high-performance, stable and secure networks. As well as being our core business, the widespread availability of fast, state-of-the-art networks can have a huge positive impact by creating new opportunities for everyone.
2 millions
More inclusive future
+10,000 people trained with Fastweb Digital Academy to help bridge the digital skills gap
We are committed to helping young people and workers train for the future. Thanks to the free Fastweb Digital Academy courses, we will train at least 10,000 people by the end of 2022.
people trained in FDA
Involve at least 35% of Fastweb employees in initiatives supporting the values of diversity, equity and inclusion
We have undertaken a training and awareness-raising programme on Diversity & Inclusion issues that will involve the entire company population. By 2022, we are committed to reaching more than 35% of Fastweb people with our programmes, through dedicated and diverse activities.
> 35%
+50% more women hires than in 2021
We are committed to making our company more inclusive, which is why we have set a target of doubling in 2022 the number of women hires compared to 2021.
of women hires VS 2021
More eco-sustainable Future
22% reduction in direct CO2 emissions
We are committed to combating climate change and therefore seek to reduce our direct CO2 emissions year on year. By 2022 we will reduce our direct emissions by more than 22% compared to 2018 emissions (Scope 1).
compared to the 2018 baseline
100% purchase of energy from renewable sources
Since 2015, we have purchased 100% of our electricity from renewable sources. We are renewing our commitment through 2022 to contribute to zero indirect emissions from electricity purchase and consumption (Scope 2).
250,000 kWh of electricity consumption saved through energy efficiency
In order to contribute to the continuous improvement of our energy efficiency, we are committed to upgrade our infrastructure by 2022 with an overall potential to reduce electricity consumption by approximately 250,000 kWh per year.
– 250.000
60,000 tonnes of CO2 offset in 2022
Where we cannot reduce our residual emissions, we are committed to offsetting them through forestation projects or the creation of sites for the production of renewable energy.