Security and Safe use of Digital

Online security. Browse without risk, protect against fraud, defend privacy

Fastweb has always been extremely vigilant with online security, from the prevention of possible fraud, to privacy threats, right up to online bullying. We have also signed an agreement with Polizia di Stato aimed at developing effective strategies for the prevention and contrast of cybercrime. Here we have compiled a selection of articles from our Digital Magazine which will guide you towards a more watchful and knowledgeable use of the web and online services.

How can I create a safe password?

The importance of passwords for access to fixed or mobile devices, Wi-Fi connection, social media and email is often overlooked: passwords are the key to access personal data and sensitive information. Here are a few useful tips on how to generate, manage, and protect your passwords

How can I prevent phishing?

Phishing is an online scam used for stealing personal information. There are various ways to achieve this involving deceitfully obtaining information via false but credible messages. Knowledge of techniques helps to recognize threats and protect yourself from them.

How can I protect my personal information?

More and more frequently during web browsing and the use of services and apps, we receive requests for sharing information about our online activities and data (e.g. our location, personal contacts, etc.). This information can sometimes be used and saved for reasons beyond what is normally expected. More information on this and the tools used for protection against it can be found in the following articles.

How can I protect my computer against viruses and cyberattacks?

Nowadays computer protection is indispensable. Hackers and cyber criminals could attempt to access your computer and perform illegal activities, or come into possession of sensitive data and information. Let’s take a look at the most common threats, virus processes, consequences, and how to defend yourself and prevent them.

How can I protect mobile devices against viruses and cyberattacks?

Viruses and cyberattacks can also be aimed at mobile devices, which are often more vulnerable than computer as they are not always equipped with adequate protection. Here are a few tips for dealing with the problem.

How can I protect myself against cyberbullying?

This problem has been on the increase in recent times. Anyone online can be at risk of cyberbullying, though it largely affects young people, who use social media most frequently. Protecting yourself against cyberbullying starts with having a deeper understanding of it, which can be found on the site Generazioni Connesse del Miur, and reading the following articles.