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Human life depends on the sea and the oceans for their influence on the climate, for food, for the absorption of CO2 . Fastweb is committed to supporting projects concerning the health of the seas and biodiversity.

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SEATY: local marine conservation areas The SEATY project is the result of a collaboration between Fastweb and Worldrise, a non-profit organisation that is recognised worldwide as one of the most innovative associations dealing with the conservation and value enhancement of the marine environment Seaty aims to effectively and participatively protect stretches of the Mediterranean coastline of particular ecological value by establishing local marine conservation areas. Through a comprehensive strategy encompassing education, awareness-raising and scientific research, creating synergies with local institutions and fostering culture and employment, these areas become a platform for the community and the general public to learn about the sea, its biodiversity and, above all, to learn how to care for it.

Golfo Aranci Project The first local marine conservation area will be established in Golfo Aranci (SS), in the north-eastern part of Sardinia. The sea area stretches for about 1,300 metres from Baracconi beach, behind Capo Figari, to Cala Moresca, located a few minutes from the centre of Golfo Aranci. The identified area partially belongs to a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and a Special Protection Area (SPA), both of which are part of the Natura 2000 Network for the Conservation of Biological Diversity within the European Union. The area is characterised by high biodiversity, both in terms of marine flora and fauna: a colony of coastal dolphin has established itself in the waters of Golfo Aranci where there also are Posidonia oceanica meadows which are home to more than 400 plant species and a thousand animal species.

CAPO TESTA and CAPO MILAZZO Marine Protected Areas The two new SEATY are located within the Marine Protected Area of Capo Testa – Punta Falcone in the Municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura (province of Sassari) and in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Milazzo in the Municipality of Milazzo (province of Messina). Through workshops and educational activities, the cleaning of the beaches and the sea beds and the exploration and monitoring of the coast, as well as practical training on the conservation of marine biodiversity and snorkelling, the new SEATY ensure that the over 5000 hectares of the two areas are a hive of activity. The SEATY project is complete with the installation of fixed information boards along the coast and in the sea to assist and inform the public about the preservation of marine biodiversity in the Protected Areas.

The Marine Protected Area of Capo Testa – Punta Falcone , which extends along the north coast of Sardinia, is distinctive for its vast biological diversity and rich variety of marine habitats. In its deepest areas it is possible to come across species of particular natural interest, such as red coral (Corallium rubrum) and gold coral (Savalia savaglia), as well as species at risk of extinction, like Patella ferruginea.

Meanwhile, the Marine Protected Area of Capo Milazzo , which comprises the promontory between the Gulf of Patti and the Gulf of Milazzo in Sicily, is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where it is possible to observe migrating fin whales in addition to dolphins and turtles, and is a privileged location for scientific research and education as well as the protection of vital species for the wellbeing of the marine ecosystem.

Community initiativesTo achieve the conservation and awareness-raising objectives of SEATY project, citizen science events for adults, workshops and educational activities in local schools, information and publicity posters on the coast and underwater, beach and seabed cleaning activities, coastal marine monitoring, practical training courses on marine conservation and snorkelling activities led by marine biologists are beying performed. SEATY entails the direct involvement and participation of the local community, and its main objective will be achieved when local people organise themselves and take care of it, supported by associations and organisations operating in the area.

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