Fastweb's impact on the Italian economy

The telecommunications sector holds a pivotal position in the country's economic development, making a substantial contribution through the creation of advanced infrastructure and innovative services. Constant investment in high-speed networks is helping to narrow the digital divide, ensuring fast, reliable connections across the country and therefore improving business efficiency, driving digital transformation and promoting the adoption of advanced technologies.

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Every year Fastweb makes a significant economic and social contribution to the growth of the country. The positive impact of the company on society includes not only with the contribution deriving from its business activities as a whole, but also with the contribution generated along the supply chain and in the Italian socio-economic system in general.

In 2023, 95% of Fastweb's purchases were directed to purchases within the country. In 2023, a total value distributed to suppliers of 1.7 billion euros was generated, demonstrating the company's commitment to the country's economic development.