Fastweb's impact on the Italian economy

Over 38.600 jobs generated in Italy, €3 billion contribution to GDP, 93% of purchases and investments made in Italy.

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Every year Fastweb makes a significant economic and social contribution to the growth of the country. The positive impact* of the company on society includes not only the contribution deriving from its business activities as a whole, but also the contribution generated along the supply chain and in the Italian socio-economic system in general.

billion euros
contributed to GDP in 2022
million euros
in direct and indirect
tax contribution
in Italy
purchases and investments
in Italy

In 2022 alone, Fastweb contributed a total of 3 billion euros to the national GDP and, through its operations, maintained more than 38,600 jobs and paid almost 600 million euros in tax contributions**.

93% of Fastweb's purchases and investments, amounting to approximately 2 billion euros per year, take place in Italy, providing a valuable driver for the country's economy.

*Fastweb's impact on the economy was calculated by the external company EY S.p.A. using an economic-statistical model based on input-output tables and procurement data. The analysis is not limited to the direct impact but also extends to the creation of value along the supply chain, through the purchase of goods and services needed for one's business activity (indirect impact) and to the impacts generated by the wealth injected into the economic system by direct and indirect employees through final consumption expenditure (induced impact).

** The item “tax contributions” includes income taxes and social security contributions paid by Fastweb and its employees in terms of a direct impact; as an indirect and induced impact, this item considers only social security contributions paid by the companies and the employees of indirectly activated sectors or of satellite industries.