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We are committed to protecting the environment and resources every day, improving the energy efficiency of our network, enhancing the environmental performance of our sites and data centres, developing environmentally friendly products and services, and contributing to the global fight against climate change.

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We are constantly investing in improving the energy efficiency of our fixed and mobile infrastructure. The energy intensity (ratio of energy consumption to traffic volume) of our fixed network has decreased by 80% over the last 5 years.
We ensure that our data centres provide the best environmental performance. The Milan data centre is one of the most efficient in the world with an average annual PUE of 1.54. We work on energy upgrades in other data centres and carry out regular energy audits.
We offer products and services that respect the environment. We offer products that enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact, with a label approved by Legambiente. We choose sustainable packaging. We give our customers the opportunity to return used equipment to our shops.
We engage our suppliers on energy thematic. We will achieve a saving of 30kt CO2eq by 2030.
We have been purchasing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources since 2015. This allows us to avoid the emission of about 37,000 tonnes CO2eq per year.
We reduce the impact of our office buildings. Our headquarters is LEED Platinum certified. We are eliminating central heating units from all our sites.
We reduce the emissions of our car fleet. 75% of our car fleet will consist of hybrid cars by 2025 and 70% of the car fleet will consist of electric cars by 2030.
We are careful about resource consumption and have joined the initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security #PlasticFree.
We offset emissions that we cannot reduce. We finance forestation and renewable energy projects to offset more than 60,000 tonnes of CO2 each year for the first three years, with a view to offsetting all our emissions in 2025.
We contribute to environment requalification. We will plant 15,000 trees over 3 years as part of the Mosaico Verde campaign.

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