Fastweb has based its reputation by adopting zero tolerance policies in regard to illegal conduct by its employees, suppliers and partners. Fastweb’s voluntary choice to adopt Anti-Corruption Guidelines aims to increase its own reputation as an honest and transparent company while conducting business, always committed to comply with standards required for corporations.

Walter Renna
CEO of Fastweb Spa

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To ensure compliance with Anti-corruption Guidelines, to promote anti-corruption measures, and allow a broader centralized control over compliance with new policies, Fastweb has decided to appoint an Anti-Corruption Manager in the Internal Audit&Compliance team, who will also organize regular training sessions for all employees.

Anti-corruption management system

In 2022, Fastweb adopted an Anti-Corruption Management System compliant with the requirements established by the ISO 37001 standard and obtained the related certification. This is an international standard, recognized as "Best Practice" for the prevention of corruption. The acknowledgment strengthens and confirms the commitment to promote an ethical culture based on transparency, correctness and legality through the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, Model 231 and Anti-Corruption Guidelines.

The Anti-Corruption Guidelines, adopted voluntarily in 2018 and constantly updated, represent an integral part of the Anti-Corruption Management System and a summary document of the principles and rules of conduct defined by internal policies.

Anti-Corruption Guidelines

Business Integrity Forum

Fastweb’s commitment to the prevention of corruptive behavior also translates into the decision to take part in international conferences and working groups.

Since May 2018, Fastweb has officially joined the Business Integrity Forum group founded by Transparency International, which includes leading listed and non-listed companies. Fastweb adheres to the BIF and its mission with the goal to improve its internal processes for a business culture based on ethics and anti-corruption principles.