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Fastweb wants to be a safe and inclusive place where people can confidently express their uniqueness.

We believe that diversity is the driver of evolution: it is from meeting our differences that new value is born.

This is the culture we spread, and in this phase in which the social context is also increasingly attentive to these issues, we are committed to more ambitious objectives, giving even more strength to sustainability initiatives in various areas: from disability to support for caregivers, from gender equality to the enhancement of women's skills in the STEM field, with a particular focus on raising internal awareness of Diversity&Inclusion issues..

Because diversity in the company is a fact, but inclusion is a specific organisational choice.

Library tutti

Fastweb is a partner of 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion , the largest cross-company event dedicated to diversity and inclusion. To remember how people with their differences are unique and equal Fastweb is participating in the initiative with the event "Library tutti. La normalità è negli occhi di chi guarda” [Library for everybody - Normality is in the eye of the beholder], in which an ironic and light-hearted approach is taken to the question of what is really "normal", starting with images of the working world.

Watch and download images of “Library tutti” here