Fastweb aims to be a safe, inclusive place
where people can proudly express their uniqueness.

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We believe that diversity drives evolution: it is when our differences meet that new value is created.

This is the culture we are spreading and now, as society is also increasingly attentive to these issues, we are committed to even more ambitious objectives, stepping up our sustainability initiatives in various areas: from disability to support for caregivers, from gender equality to the development of women's STEM skills, with a particular focus of internal awareness of Diversity & Inclusion issues.
While diversity is a fact of life at the company,
inclusion is a specific organizational choice.
Fastweb for gender equality
Fastweb aims to ensure equal opportunities within the company in every aspect of its employees’ working life, creating the best conditions for them to express themselves to the full and make the most of their abilities, regardless of their gender or role. More specifically, Fastweb values gender balance and aims to overcome any stereotype, discrimination or prejudice through the introduction of a Gender Equality Management System defined according to the UNI/PdR 125:2022 Practice.

Gender Equality

In order to materialise the growth path for women, gender equity commitments have been defined in recruitment, in the areas for promotions to initial management and executive roles, and in access to top management roles.

This makes it possible to define specific objectives and, through continuous surveying, evaluation and monitoring, to obtain real and shareable feedback on the company's progress in terms of gender equality, with particular reference to the following areas:

Selection and recruitment
Professional development and training
Salary equity
Parenthood and care
Work-life balance
Preventing abuse and harassment

Guidelines for events and conferences

Fastweb promotes initiatives in favour of female empowerment, encouraging women to become aware of their own possibilities by joining projects that put the focus on them.

In order to enhance equal opportunities, gender balance, different skills and non-discrimination in a wider context, Fastweb recommends the involvement of women in panels, as panelists or parts of the organising or scientific committee whenever it is defining the participation, sponsorship or organisation of an event. In this way, Fastweb intends to enhance any differences in favour of development and social inclusion.
Fastweb supports 4Weeks4Inclusion, the big marathon on inclusion issues in cooperation with associations, companies and universities, with the aim of continuing to promote coexistence between differences in the workplace and contribute to an increasingly inclusive future.

Words without Barriers

Why should we pay attention to the power of words? Because if a person is called something once, ten or a hundred times, then that becomes their social identity, regardless of whether they recognise it or not.

Having language which is broad enough so as not to offend anyone can be like an obstacle course. However, there are words that allow you to connect more quickly. Let's get to know them and switch them around.

To celebrate 4W4I, we organised the event 'Words Without Barriers' at Fastweb to reflect on the power of language together with our male and female colleagues, with the support of 2 experts, Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina, journalist, poet, founder of, director of and Alessandro Lucchini, linguist, university lecturer, member of the Palestra della Scrittura.

It was a light-hearted event in a game show-style format. To find out how it went, check out the video.

Stabat Pater

To celebrate the 2022 edition of the event, Fastweb supported the Fightthestroke Foundation by staging the new art and social inclusion project by the Alma Rosé theatre company from Milan: 'Stabat Pater - A journey among fighting fathers' in the STEP FuturAbility District.

Through a journey interpreted by a father who is faced every day with the fragile existence of his son, the play aims to generate awareness for the audience about the world of people with disabilities and their caregivers, as well as to act as a spokesperson for the difficult stories of many fathers and parents in raising children.

Library Tutti

For the 2021 edition, Fastweb participated in the initiative with 'Library Tutti. Normal is in the eye of the beholder.’ During the event, we discussed in an ironic and light-hearted way about what really is 'normal’, starting with the images that tell the story about the world of work in order to remember how people with their differences are unique and equal.

Watch and download images of 'Library Tutti' here.

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