Focus on the use
of resources

At Fastweb we focus on the use of resources and take action to eliminate waste. We recover our modems in order to give them a second life whenever possible. Since 2019 Fastweb has joined the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security's #PlasticFree initiative by committing to responsible single-use plastic consumption in offices.

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Fastweb has always provided a mechanism for collecting used modems in order to recover and reuse them. The modems are picked up from specific collection centres and, after a testing and reconditioning process, are regenerated when possible.

Today, about 50% of collected modems are regenerated and put back on the market. When this is not possible, modems are sent to material recovery processes in specialised plants. This allows the recovery of components such as metals, plastics, rare earth metals, so that they can be reused in new products.

During the development of Nexxt, the new Internet box, particular attention was also paid to the packaging: this was made entirely of recyclable cardboard, without plastic components and minimising the use of ink, which is exclusively vegetable-based.

In addition to the materials that make up its products, Fastweb watches closely those that are used in its workplaces: since 2019 Fastweb has joined the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security's #PlasticFree and #IoSonoAmbiente campaigns to eliminate single-use plastic. Plastic cups, spoons and bottles have been eliminated in all Fastweb offices and shops. In addition, some awareness-raising activities and seminars on the reduction of environmental impact involving all personnel, were promoted.

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