Working Smarter

What does Smart Working mean at Fastweb? Flexibility of being able to choose to work on the move, the possibility of better reconciling work commitments with those of private life, reduction of costs and travel time to reach the workplace, in the face of greater responsibility for business results.

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Fastweb Working Smarter

Working Smarter in Fastweb is a sustainable, inclusive work organization model capable of facilitating the reconciliation of work time and personal life. Introduced as early as 2015, the Working Smarter has represented an element of innovation in the corporate culture, putting people at the center and developing a new way of working, based on trust, collaboration, awareness, flexibility and responsibility.

Trust and Responsibility

Since February 2021, we have eliminated the "punching the time card" on entry and exit. The responsibility of certifying the presence on site, for one third of the working days per quarter, is entrusted to the person through a digital system.

Flexibility and Awareness

Possibility to choose the most suitable workplace for the planned activities and commitments, reconciling professional and private life in the best possible way.