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Fastweb invests consistently in its staff supporting them throughout their career path in the company. The constant development of potential, talent and skills is in fact the main objective of an ambitious training programme available to all employees.
Following are some of the training and development opportunities offered by Fastweb to further professional and management.

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Induction program

This programme is intended for all new colleagues and its purpose is to improve their entry into the company by encouraging their involvement and facilitating their networking.

Meeting with HR Business Partners
Dedicated Intranet Area and Digital Kit
Welcome Day with Data Center visit
Assignment of a Tutor

All in the game

A programme for the transformation of skills that, based on the evolution of the business, identifies which are the new skills to be acquired, the new jobs that will be trending and the upskilling and reskilling specific actions that must be developed to become an OTT company.

OTT Learning Program

A development and continuous training programme aimed at all Fastweb employees, which works on two complementary aspects: on the one hand, developing basic knowledge in the technical field, such as 5G, cloud, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, acquiring a different cultural approach through new or improved cross-sector expertise, in order to be able to participate in the transformation of the work organisation in an increasingly constructive and aware way.

Training classrooms

In 2022, ILEX represented 10% of the total training offered in Fastweb.


Internal Learning Experience is a development programme that enables the employees who have specific professional and technical knowledge to share and transfer their skills to other colleagues through training courses where they act as the instructors.

Training classrooms
Training hours

In 2022, Technical Training represented 42% of the total training offered in Fastweb.

Technical training

It consists of a training strictly related to the core business of the company. Its purpose is to ensure that the Fastweb employees acquire the most updated technical skills: from network development to Data Science and to technologies such as 5G and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access). Technical training is offered in classroom settings and blended, i.e. in a mixed mode with online e-learning and classroom activities with a didactic type of approach, to maintain sensitivity and knowledge on the core subject matters, and with a vertical type of approach in support of"insider experts"


Fastweb offers technical certification opportunities that enhance the value of the employees’ skills and provide professional profiles to the company for an increasingly incisive competition in the market. Technical certification programs involving people in different areas (CISM, CISSP, CEH, MS Azure, AWS, PMI/PMP, Agile PM, Splunk, ITIL and others)


This training programme also emphasised in particular the Feedback tool, a fundamental development lever for professional growth. To foster the exchange of opinions and debate among people, Fastweb has made available The Feedback, the Webapp of Peer Feedback by which each employee can ask and receive at any time feedback from another colleague about his/her work, in a simple and direct manner.

Tour of duty

Internal Learning Experience is a development programme that enables the employees who have specific professional and technical knowledge to share and transfer their skills to other colleagues through training courses where they act as the instructors.


A programme for the development of skills, expertise and competences of a person (coachee) managed by a qualified professional (coach). After identifying the areas of potential growth, a programme is designed with the aim of achieving professional goals. The programme can be individual or group-based. Situational coaching is also provided, i.e. one to two meetings at the most, to help the coachee focus on and deal with a specific situation.


Mentoring is the development action that focuses on the relationship between Mentor and Mentee, promoting personal growth, the development of new knowledge and the managerial skills of the Mentee through networking and exchange moments. At Fastweb, mentoring takes place in three programs: Professional, Managerial and Young. The latter in particular is addressed to younger colleagues and has the purpose of accompanying them discovering the organization and its dynamics promoting right away the creation of solid foundations for growth and integration into the company.

Talent Program

A programme dedicated to high-value people, whether young or future leaders or knowledge owners, selected according to their performance and potential. The programme is activated every two years and is based on the development of people through various areas: personalised training and development actions, proposal of inspirational and networking activities, operational involvement in strategic and cross-functional projects.