Energy efficiency

The growth in data traffic and the consequent expansion of networks pose many challenges for the telecommunications industry in terms of energy consumption, and it is therefore a top priority for us to promote activities and projects to limit the generated impact. That's why we purchase 100% of our electricity from renewable sources, we are constantly striving to improve the energy efficiency of our network and we operate our Tier IV Data Centre according to ISO 50001 best practices.

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For energy management, Fastweb has a dedicated Energy Management team, which is responsible for identifying activities energy improvement and efficiency actions for the network, technological sites and offices as well as actions for self-production of energy from renewable sources. The group has designed and implemented numerous actions achieving, in 2023 alone, energy savings of about 13 GWh.

This is reflected in a steady improvement in the energy efficiency of the network: the ratio of energy consumption to data traffic volume has fallen by 80% since 2015, and by 11% in 2020 alone.

But the efforts to optimise efficiency are not enough: Fastweb is strongly committed to combating climate change, which is why, since 2015, 100% of the electricity it purchases has been produced from renewable sources. This enables Fastweb to avoid emissions over 37,000 tonnes of CO2eq in 2023

The Fastweb Data Center in Milan, certified Tier IV by the Uptime Institute of New York, was designed from the beginning not only to guarantee the highest levels of reliability of the services provided, but also with regard to environmental sustainability and attention to reducing pollution.

As further proof of the attention paid to energy management and energy efficiency, in 2021 the Data Center was awarded ISO 50001 Certification, recognised worldwide as proof of the adoption of an energy management system that complies with international best practices. This recognition confirms the high standards of the technological solutions adopted, which are able to modulate consumption and minimise waste on the basis of the actual energy needs of the Tier IV Data Centre.

The focus on energy saving is not limited to the network infrastructure and data centres: Fastweb Nexxt's headquarters in Milan is designed and built according to the highest sustainability standards. Thanks to the facility's high energy efficiency, Fastweb has achieved a 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to its previous premises.

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