More connected future

We contribute to the digitalisation of the country with ultra-broadband networks and digital solutions to improve the quality of life. We ensure data protection and maximum transparency in our offerings.

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Fastweb's impact on the Italian economy

Every year Fastweb makes a significant economic and social contribution to the growth of the country.

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Digital transformation
of households and businesses Trasformazione digitale

Fastweb partners with citizens, businesses and public administration in their digital transformation.

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Our network

Fastweb's infrastructure strategy is unique and is based on the integrated approach of strategic assets such as fixed and mobile ultra-broadband networks, 5G and Data Centers that enable increasingly advanced Cloud Computing and Cyber Security services with the aim of partnering with households, businesses and the Public Administration in their journey towards digital transformation.

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Smart Cities

Thanks to the massive deployment of digital technologies, such as 5G together with Internet of Things and Big Data technologies, cities will become increasingly digitised, smart, connected and environmentally sustainable.

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Open Innovation

Fastweb's future-focused innovation programme

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Privacy e Cybersecurity

Fastweb has always been very attentive to issues related to online security, from the prevention of possible fraudulent situations to threats to privacy and the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

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