Hensemberger high school in Monza meets Fastweb

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Nexxt to People 07/04/2017
The Via Caracciolo branch of Fastweb opened its doors to a year 13 class of the Monza Hensemberger Scientific high school

During the meeting, the high school students had the opportunity to get a closer look at the world of work by listening to the direct experience of the employees.

Following an introduction to the company, the students also heard the stories of how our colleagues came to work at Fastweb and their various studies.

They then talked about optical fibre, data, pop and cabinets. The students, who have recently come of age, were curious about the world of telecommunications and enthusiastic about everything to do with the Internet, cloud computing and social media.

The day ended with a guided tour of the Data Centre and the Test Plant, which made the experience more real and practical: the students saw the technology necessary to allow a fundamental element for Fastweb: connections.

The school acknowledged the great value of Fastweb: on the one hand for having succeeded in cutting the distance from the world of work and on the other, for having contributed to guiding the students for their upcoming university studies based on their own passions and tastes. Francesca, who attended the event said: "It is interesting to see what we study in real life. This experience has given me a major contribution to the choice of the faculty of engineering for next year".