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Nexxt to People 06/07/2017
Once again, this year Fastweb has chosen to contribute to the School Work Sandwich Course programme contributing to the distribution of skills for young people approaching the world of work.

In June Fastweb welcomed 12 trainees for the School Work Sandwich Course project, from various schools, in the Milan and Rome offices.

A course has been specially designed for the trainees, which included, in addition to the work experience, opportunities for social bonding and comparing notes in order to share the experiences gained with their peers.

The tutors attended a training course dedicated to understanding the School Work Sandwich course programme and how it has been interpreted at Fastweb. Each of them has prepared a training project on which the working activities assigned to each their students have been constructed.

Together, the trainees and tutor:

  • performed the working activities consistent with each training project
  • visited the heart of the company, the Tier IV Data Centre
  • attended a day training course on Business Writing and mindful use of the social media, organised and given by internal staff
  • talked about their experience on the Instagram Fastweb_spa channel

The trainees said goodbye to Fastweb by talking about their experience in an interview published on the corporate Intranet.

Here is what they said.

Davide: "I would certainly advise anyone to complete this activity; apart from providing hours for the School Work Sandwich Course, it gives you the opportunity to experience one or more weeks as a real employee in a large company, which is not an experience that everyone has the opportunity to try".

Erica: "By comparison to the other sandwich course experiences that I have had, the one at Fastweb was more interesting and involving than the others becomes, with Lorenzo, we are creating our benchmark".

Nicola: "I got on very well with both of my tutors, Susy and Gianluca, right from the start. They dedicated a lot of time to me and they always assigned me very interesting tasks, providing me with all the necessary tools".