An hymn to Peace that comes from Art

A mural to remind us that only by all working together can peace and the future of peoples be built.

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A symbol of peace and hope for the future

The increase in conflicts at an international level has pushed us to reflect on the meaning of the work "Close the Gap, Open Your Future", created by Giulio Rosk more than two years ago.

And so together with him, today, we decided to evolve the work into a symbol of peace and hope, launching a strong message to urge people to work together to fill the "gaps" and build peace, so essential to brotherhood flourish among the peoples of the world

A message that restores confidence in a future of hope and possibilities for all, and in particular for children, because it is precisely children, the symbol of a future that is absolutely necessary to protect, who pay the highest price in theaters of war and suffer the greatest suffering due to the devastation caused by the bombings, the effects of which we wanted to make so evident on the mural.

Concrete help for peace in support of Save the Children

Peace is our future is not only a symbol of peace and hope, but it is also a concrete commitment.
This is why we have decided to start a collaboration with Save the Children, the international organization that has been fighting for over 100 years to save girls and boys at risk and guarantee them a future.

To concretely support the needs of girls and boys affected by conflict, we will donate to the Children's Emergency Fund, which allows Save the Children to have resources immediately available to provide help and ensure protection.

According to Save the Children numbers, there are currently over 468 million children living in a conflict zone in the world, children who are denied a childhood and therefore a future.

You too can support these children by helping to bring the necessary aid.

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