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Staff selection at fastweb

Fastweb's recruitment and selection process is managed by HR Business Partners, experts in personnel management, who collaborate with the company management to align HR strategies with business objectives. The selection process, which can last approximately two months, consists of the following steps:

The selection process, which can last approximately two months, consists of the following steps:

Submission of your application through "Work with us", Fastweb's recruitment portal

CV screening carried out by HR, which involves an assessment and the identification of the candidates in line with the sought-after position

Interview with HR and relevant managers to better assess the candidate's skills and motivation



The job search is a fixed step in career paths: whether you are new to the job market or have gained some professional seniority, there always comes a time to put yourself to the test. How to tackle this challenge? Here are some tips to make the most of your job search experience.

How to write a Curriculum Vitae
Tell in a sincere way the stages of your professional journey and the skills you have acquired. In a team, transparency is essential!
Get straight to the point! Explain the challenges you have faced and how they helped you to grow professionally. Don’t be too long. Use keywords that are consistent with the position you are applying for. This will make it easier to catch the recruiter's attention.
The CV is your business card to reach a clear and defined goal. Ask yourself: Which position am I applying for? Highlight your professional, educational and life experiences that are most consistent with the position.
Studies and previous jobs are essential, but there are other aspects of our lives that define us. What passions, sports, personal and volunteer projects have you been involved in? These are the activities that will reveal your soft skills in an effective and concrete manner.
Present your experiences starting with the most recent. In this way you will make it immediately obvious which skills you have developed so far.
Make sure that your contact details (telephone/mobile phone number, e-mail address) are clearly visible so that you can be contacted if your profile matches the current search. Then add a serious and professional photo; avoid selfies or shots from the last holiday.
Finally, don't forget to add the authorisation to process personal data according to the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and GDPR 679/16.
Now the CV is complete, but there is one last step: make sure it is written clearly by asking another person to read it and give you feedback.
The selection interview
The interview is a key step in the whole selection process and is a necessary experience: whatever happens, face it with courage, you will learn from it.
Get ready! Find out about the company for which you are going to interview, make sure you share its vision and values.
Check that there is consistency between what the company will perceive during the interview and your online image: your potential employer may be searching for information about you online.
Be yourself: transparency and honesty always pay off.
Awareness! It is important to be clear about your goals, your potential, but also about any areas needing improvement.
Be specific and show what you can do by providing actual data, facts, projects.
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