Executive Committee

Walter Renna
Chief Executive Officer

Walter Renna is responsible for leading the company with the goal of strengthening its positioning and growth through the development of increasingly high-performance and sustainable products and services, focusing on infrastructure control and the development of innovative platforms for the digital transformation of families, businesses, and public administration, by leveraging Cloud technology, 5G, Cyber Security, and increasing integration with Artificial Intelligence.
As Chief Product Officer of Fastweb since December 2020, Renna has also held the role of Chief Operating Officer in previous years, responsible for long-term business sustainability and growth, as well as operational efficiency improvement. Renna joined the company in 2008 with responsibilities in strategies, business plan and M&A where he contributed to strategic projects as the expansion of the fibre access network. Born in 1982, after graduating in Economy at the University of Bologna and getting a Master degree at Bocconi University, Renna developed his career in KPMG advisory and M&A for Fashion, Luxury, Publishing and Automotive for leading companies.

Ernesto Bonalumi
Technology Officer

Ernesto Bonalumi has several years of experience in the field with a focus in Enterprise segment having previously spent the last ten years as the Head of Sales Engineering, PM&SM & Provisioning, supporting Fastweb in the development of infrastructure and services - from connectivity to cloud and security platforms - for companies and for the Public Administration.

Fabrizio Casati
Chief Wholesale Officer

Fabrizio Casati is in charge of Sales and Customer Operations for the market of Telco Operators. Casati joined Fastweb in 2004 to start-up the relationship with other telco operators and to grow the business in this market.

Born in 1967, from 1999 to 2004 he worked in Colt Telecom as Responsible of the Wholesale Market and then as Sales Director of the Enterprise sector. Previously he has held positions of increasing responsibility in Sales for other telecommunication companies such as AT&T, Sprint International and GlobalOne, and for other telco system companies such as Mitel.

Elenia Cerchi
Legal & Regulatory Affairs Officer

Elenia Cerchi is responsible for coordinating all legal and regulatory activities and relations with the main authorities in the sector Graduated in law with honours from LUISS Guido Carli in Rome in 2003, gained her work experience at the Guarino law firm specialising in administrative law and then becoming a partner in 2010. Since 2016, she has been authorised to practise before the higher courts. She has been a partner at Studio Orsingher-Ortu Avvocati Associati since 2019, continuously assisting leading telecommunications operators in their dealings with regulatory and anti-trust authorities both in and out of court.

Elenia Cerchi also has many years of experience in works and service contracts, assisting the main national central commissioning body and several construction companies in the awarding and execution phases of public contracts. Lastly, Cerchi has been a contract lecturer for the professor of European administrative law at LUISS University, and has collaborated over time at the same university with the professors of administrative law and administrative procedural law.

Lisa Di Feliciantonio
Chief External Relations & Sustainability Officer

Lisa Di Feliciantonio is responsible for the institutional and media relations in Italy and abroad, with the aim of ensuring a constant and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders in one phase particularly delicate and transformative in the tlc market. She also coordinates the internal communication and the company's environmental and social sustainability programs. Lisa Di Feliciantonio joined Fastweb in 2009, managing the Regulatory Policy and EU Affairs. Since 2015 Lisa Di Feliciantonio became Head of Public Affairs and Media Relations in 2015.

Graduated in Political Science at the University of Rome La Sapienza and with an MBA of Politecnico of Milano, Lisa Di Feliciantonio worked in AGCOM as advisor of one of the members of the Board and within the regulatory department, and before she was responsible for network planning and development at Orbit, the first digital satellite TV of the Middle East and North Africa. She writes for specialized economic publications and has published two books (“I media della convergenza”, in 1998 and “Switchover”, in 2004).

Augusto Di Genova
Chief Enterprise Officer

Augusto Di Genova is in charge of sales, implementation and management of solutions and services for the whole Enterprise and Public Administration market.

Di Genova joined Fastweb in 2004 covering roles with increasing responsibilities in the sales department over the years. In 2007 he became Responsible of the Industry and Services sector, and then in 2011 of the entire Business market. In 2016 Di Genova took over responsibility for the Large Companies and the Public Administration market, and in 2018 of the whole Enterprise market.

Born in 1972, after graduating with honors in Economics and Business at "La Sapienza" University of Rome and a professional experience as auditor in PWC, he has been working for 4 years with increasing responsibilities in Between (now EY), dealing with Strategies, Business Plans and M&A operations for the main players in the telecommunications sector.

Peter Grüter
Chief Financial Officer

Peter Grüter is responsible for managing all financial activities and aspects of the company.

Born in 1968 in Germany, Grüter studied in Germany, France and in the United States. He holds a a PhD in physics from École Normale Supérieure in Paris. Prior to Swisscom, he served 7 years as management consultant with McKinsey and Comp, Berlin. Peter specialized in telecom, IT, and media industries, and strategy and business development functions. He joined Swisscom in 2005 where he acted as head of Group Strategy and Head of Strategy for several operating units. He has been member of the Board of Directors of Swisscom Central and Eastern Europe, Airbites Ukraine, Swisscom Hospitality Services and several start-ups co-funded by Swisscom Group. In 2012 he headed the Group Participation Management, supporting and supervising Swisscom’s Italian It Services businesses.

Matteo Melchiorri
Human Capital Officer

Matteo Melchiorri is responsible for internal organization, recruiting and enhancing human resources activities after being Head of HR Organization & Operations since May 2016, when he joined the company.

Born in the US in 1972 Melchiorri graduated in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. Melchiorri’s professional experience has developed within important international groups such as Deutsche Bank, Microsoft and Bolton Manitoba, where he was of Head of Human Resources from 2007 to 2011. From 2011 to 2016, Melchiorri was Director of Human Resources of Star (GB Foods Group).

Federico Negri
Chief Consumer & Small Business Officer

Federico Negri is responsible for Sales, Customer Operations and marketing in the consumer and micro-business market. Negri began his career by joining Fastweb in 2007, joining the company during his final year of university in the management control department and over the years he has steadily progressed through roles with increasing levels of responsibility. Since 2019, he has been a part of the Consumer Team, first as the Head of Governance and later as the Head of Marketing, where he has contributed to the increase in ARPU and the reduction of Churn through a strategy based on AI and analytics. Born in 1983, Negri graduated in Management Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan.