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Fastweb for the environment

We are committed to contributing to one of the main challenges of our generation: combating climate change. We constantly monitor our environmental impacts, we invest to make our network infrastructure more efficient in the usage of electrical energy, which we purchase 100% from renewable sources, and we design efficient products and services.

purchase of electrical energy produced from renewable sources
185,400 tons of CO2eq
Emissions of CO2 avoided thanks to the provisioning of digital services
decrease in energy consumption per Gigabyte over the last 5 years
26 tons of CO2eq
Emissions of CO2 avoided thanks to the #Plasticfree project

Tackling climate change

Reducing the impact on climate changes, especially in consideration of the continuous increase of energetic consumption due to the exponential growth of data traffic, is one of the key environmental challenges in the telecommunication sector.

Fastweb is one of the first companies in Italy to have made a concrete commitment to contribute to the deceleration of global warming and to have its emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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Energy consumption and energy efficiency initiatives

100% of the energy purchased by Fastweb is produced from renewable sources. This enables us to avoid every year the emission of 60,772 tons of CO2eq.

We are committed to constantly improving the energy efficiency of our infrastructure; the energy intensity (ratio between energy consumption and traffic volumes) of our network has decreased by 65% in the last 5 years. In 2019, in particular, we recorded a 22% decrease compared with 2018.

The Fastweb Data Centre of Milan, certified as Tier IV by the New York Uptime Institute, was carefully designed considering environmental sustainability and with a focus on pollution reduction, and is powered by energy solely from renewable sources. Thanks to an innovative cooling system, it has high energy efficiency (Power Use Effectiveness PUE 1.25): every year, 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions are saved, the equivalent of 60 flights between Milan and Rome. The Milan data centre is among the 6% least polluting data centres in the world.

The transfer to the new Nexxt offices in Milan has resulted in a 50% reduction in energy consumption compared with that of previous offices, thanks to the high energy efficiency of the structure.

Focus on the use of resources: #connessialpianeta

Fastweb is a PlasticFree company and has joined the campaign launched by the Minister of the Environment #IoSonoAmbiente (I am the environment) for the elimination of disposable plastics. In all the Fastweb offices, all plastic glasses, spoons and bottles have been eliminated. In addition, some awareness-raising actions and seminars on the reduction of environmental impact involving all personnel, were promoted.

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Sustainability label

With its brand name or label "Fastweb for sustainability", Fastweb identifies all the package offerings that allow customers to reduce their environmental impact including electrical power consumption, paper consumption or travel by private or public transport. The calculation of the environmental benefit of the services identified has been "Approved by Legambiente", which has verified and validated the methodology adopted and confirmed the data indicated for each product.

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