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Solidarity Initiatives

Fastweb has always supported the areas in which it operates by financing local projects and initiatives also through the involvement of its employees and customers.
In 2020, Fastweb’s support to the community was unprecedented: the company took action from the very first days of the health emergency to support hospitals, associations, students and the most vulnerable people, in these most difficult times. Fastweb has provided donations, materials and the skills of its people with the ultimate goal of protecting health, supporting people through technology, ensuring distance learning and training.

€ 1 million
also raised with the contribution of employees and donated to small entrepreneurs facing difficulties
€ 300 thousand
donated to hospitals engaged in the fight against coronavirus and another € 70 thousand donated thanks to the contribution of our employees
Over 100
employees involved in the solidarity Contact Tracing project in support of the ATS Metropolitan City of Milan and Lodi
540 SIM cards and tablets
donated to hospitals in Lombardy, Veneto and the city of Genoa to facilitate contacts between hospitalized patients and their families (in collaboration with Huawei and Sprint Academy)

Fastweb helps small business owners

Fastweb and its employees are committed to supporting one of the categories that is suffering the most from the consequences of the crisis: small businesses such as bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops, small travel agencies that risk not being able to overcome all the emergencies caused by the pandemic.
Through the establishment of a fund of 1 million euros, thanks to the collaboration with the Cesvi Foundation, 5,000 euros will be donated as a non-repayable fund for commercial customer activities flagged by Fastweb employees.

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Fastweb to support the health system

To deal with the Covid-19 emergency and support the national health system, in March 2020 Fastweb has donated 300,000 euros to three hospitals on the front line of combating the spread of the virus, in Milan, Rome and Bari, in addition to 69,600 euros raised by employees through the donation of their working hours.

In collaboration with Huawei and Sprint Academy, Fastweb has donated 540 SIMs and tablets to hospitals in Lombardy, Veneto and the city of Genoa to facilitate contacts between hospitalized patients and their families.

To help the ATS of the Metropolitan City of Milan and City of Lodi in their support and information activities related to subjects tested positive for Coronavirus, Fastweb has provided the time and skills of its people, with over 100 employees who have voluntarily participated in the initiative.

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Fastweb for Action Aid

Fastweb in cooperation its customers supports Ripartire, the ActionAid project against the early school leaving and educational poverty working on training and new skills. Ripartire encourages the inclusion of students, families, schools that are in difficult contexts of the country.

For every euro donated by its customers via subscription, Fastweb will add another, thus doubling the value of the donation.

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At school with PC computers and monitors of Fastweb

In 2019, following the transfer of the headquarters to Piazza Adriano Olivetti in Milan, we donated most of the furnishings of the historic offices to elementary, middle and high schools of the metropolitan city; in 2020 we have now donated to twenty-four high schools in Milan and province and to the volunteer association BITeB, Banco Informatico Tecnologico and Biomedico, the monitors we will no longer need in the new headquarters Fastweb Nexxt.
Overall, we have donated about 1,000 monitors that are working and in good condition, which can be used by schools for educational activities.

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