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Solidarity Initiatives

Fastweb is a company that focuses on the needs of the fabric of society and supports projects of non-profit associations and organisations, itself or in association with its employees or customers. The idea is that, by coordinating our efforts, we can make a difference to the fabric of society and implement major projects.

euro were raised from Fastweb customers through the charity numbers and 112 associations benefited from the funds raised in 2018.
Fastweb employees took part in the voluntary corporate initiative implemented at the SPRAR centre in via Gorlini, in Milan, to spend a working day in the migrant reception centre.
community centre donated by Fastweb, together with its employees, to the Municipality of Accumoli, hit by the terrible earthquake that took place in central Italy in 2016.

Fastweb for Dynamo

Fastweb, together with its customers, is supporting the "Recreational Therapy", project of the Dynamo Camp Association. The idea is that, by coordinating our efforts, we can implement major projects. The Dynamo Camp targets children and teenagers between 6 and 17 years old affected by serious and chronic diseases and each year it offers hundreds of children free holidays in order to give them the opportunity to simply be children. The medical support and structure of the camp give the children the opportunity to socialise in a protected environment, focusing on what the children are able to do despite of their disease. It also offers hundreds of parents and families psychological and practical support at dealing with the problems arising from their children's disease and endeavours to "normalise" the experience of managing a serious or chronic disease in childhood. The project is implemented at Dynamo Camp in the province of Pistoia. For every euro donated by customers on their subscription, Fastweb adds another euro, thus doubling the value of the donation. Read the news

Fastweb aid of the communities hit by the earthquake in Central Italy

In addition to the aid immediately given to the communities that were victims of the earthquake that hit Central Italy on 24 August 2016, Fastweb launched a fundraiser among its employees. 1,110 employees donated one or more hours of work, making up an overall amount of more than EUR 77K, which the company doubled. The money raised was spent on the construction of two small houses intended to become community centres for the people who had lost everything, one in Accumoli and the other in Arquata del Tronto. The community centre in Accumoli was opened in October 2018. Click here for all the other initiatives undertaken by Fastweb for its customers following the 2016 earthquake.

Practical support for the city of Genoa

Following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, Fastweb took measures to support the customers in the city of Genoa who had to leave their homes. For example, Fastweb gave active mobile service customers prepaid top-ups and took measures to terminate the landline connection services without the formalities provided for in the general terms and conditions of contract and without applying deactivation charges.

Charity Calls

Fastweb took part in fundraisers for humanitarian organisations, providing the charity numbers for its customers. Fastweb customers can make donations by calling from their landlines. The donations are debited from the telephone account on the first available invoice and donated in full to the charitable organisations.