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News 22/04/2020
All initiatives put into action by the Company

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Initiatives in support of distance learning

At this very critical time during the Coronavirus emergency, the network is an indispensable instrument for maintaining relationships, for working and especially for studying. In order to facilitate and support remote learning, Fastweb, in cooperation with some Italian municipalities, has donated to students in fragile socio-economic situations, free access to WOW-FI, a network based on the principle of sharing access through a connection to the home wi-fi network made available by the community of the Fastweb customers. In the municipalities participating in this initiative, Fastweb has made available 500 accesses with unlimited connection, for as many students who can, thanks to this opportunity, continue with their schooling and education.

Fastweb employees donate 3,364 hours to the Italian hospitals - 7 April news

After donating Euro 100,000 to each of the hospital structures of Milan, Rome and Bari, on the front lines of the fight to stop the spread of the virus, Fastweb has extended its fund raising to all its employees who, in just a few days, have donated 3,664 work hours corresponding to Euro 69,600.

The funds collected will be used for the purchase of equipment and health materials as well as for the set up of beds in intensive care units for treating patients infected with COVID-19, by the following three hospitals: IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan, IINMI Lazzaro Spallanzani Istituto Nazionale Malattie Infettive of Rome and Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Policlinico of Bari.

This solidarity initiative, active from 12 to 17 March, has seen a great participation from our employees who have chosen to contribute to the amount already granted by Fastweb by donating from 1 to 4 hours of work. The raised amount was distributed equally to the three hospitals.

#scendiinpista: Sprint Academy in cooperation with Fastweb makes a donation to doctors and patients of the Lombardy and Liguria regions – Press release of 4 April

Filippo Tortu, Luminosa Bogliolo, Lorenzo Perini and Salvino Tortu have donated 40 tablets to the Lombardy Region and to the Hospital "Policlinico San Martino" of Genoa to connect doctors with patients and with their family and friends

Sprint Academy, in cooperation with Fastweb, has decided to donate 40 tablets with SIM voice and data to the Lombardy Region and to the Hospital "Policlinico San Martino" of Genoa, in order to support doctors and nurses in this time of a particularly critical health emergency.

Thanks to these tablets, the medical personnel will be able to help patients in the hospital to communicate with their families and to stay in contact during this forced distancing. In addition, the doctors will also be able to use these devices to communicate remotely and in full safety while managing health emergencies.

The donation also represents an opportunity to launch the #scendiinpista (enter the field) campaign: a way to communicate to everybody the need to get involved on the front lines, also with small actions and donations to all the associations actively responding in the best ways possible to this health crisis.

#istayhome with Fastweb - Press Release of 30 March

At this particularly delicate time for our country - which has made the importance of the network more relevant than ever before for maintaining relationships, smart-working and studying remotely, or playing on-line with friends, and where one's home becomes a virtual meeting and socialisation place - Fastweb is committed to remaining close to all its customers and their families with concrete actions.

The company, that has already carried out a number of solidarity activities – including the donation of 1 million gigabytes of Internet traffic to all customers with a rechargeable plan – has decided to broaden the range of initiatives reserved for private users registered with liveFAST, by offering free and exclusive digital content and services, starting today and over the next few months, to make confinement at home more pleasant. A simple way to maintain habits, remain updated and cultivate your interests at home, thanks to the Internet and digital media.

Beginning today, Monday, 30 March and until 14 April, Fastweb in partnership with the Mondadori Group is offering 6 months of free subscription to digital magazines including Casa Facile, Chi, Donna Moderna, Icon, Focus, Giallo Zafferano, Grazia, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and many others.

Beginning on 15 April and until 15 May, those who are registered with liveFAST can receive a ? 5 discount coupon (based on a minimum purchase of ? 5.01) to use for the purchase of e-books on Rakuten Kobo (, the global eReading service with an international catalogue of more than 6 million eBooks.

In addition, for the entire month of May it will be possible to sign up for two months of free subscription to Storytel with an unlimited access to a catalogue of more than one hundred thousand audiobooks and podcasts.

These are only some of the actions that Fastweb is implementing to benefit its customers. In fact, the programme liveFAST does not stop there, but also over the next few months it will continue to broaden its initiatives.

All digital contents are available in the customer section of liveFAST or on the app MyFastweb. liveFAST is the free and completely digital programme, dedicated to all Fastweb customers, that every month rewards the loyalty of its customers by offering exclusive advantages and promotions in order to further foster their interests and passions.

Huawei and Fastweb are donating 500 tablets and smartphones, ready to use, to hospital structures in Lombardy and Veneto. Bringing patients and families closer - Press Release of 30 March

The two companies have joined the Digital Solidarity initiative launched by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation and are donating 500 tablets and smartphones in total, with Fastweb SIM cards, for the patients of the two regions. 

Huawei and Fastweb are donating 500 tablets and smartphones in total, equally divided between the hospital structures of Lombardy and Veneto. The devices will be available in the next few days to hospitalised patients with Covid-19 so that they can communicate and be closer, even if only virtually, with their families.  All 500 devices will have a voice and data Fastweb SIM card and will be already configured and ready for use. 

One of the most critical aspects reported by the health operators is the isolation of hospitalised people from their families, at a time of great suffering; the purpose of this initiative is to offer some psychological support thanks to technology.

This contribution is part of a number of a broader initiatives that the two companies have undertaken also in response to the call from the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitalisation, Ms Paola Pisano, to join the Digital Solidarity initiative.

The models donated are the HUAWEI Mediapad T5 10 LTE tablets and the HUAWEI P30 lite smartphones.

Fastweb donates Euro 300,000 – Press Release of 16 March

Fastweb, committed to help in the relief efforts for the Coronavirus emergency and to support the Italian national health system, decided to donate Euro 100,000 to each of the Hospitals that are currently on the front line in the fight to stop the spread of the virus: the IRCCS Ca' Grande Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan, the IINMI Lazzaro Spallanzani Istituto Nazionale Malattie Infettive of Roma and the Azienda Ospedaliera University Consorziale Policlinico of Bari.

The funds will be distributed for the purchase of machinery and health materials as well as for setting up intensive care units for the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19.

"At this very crucial time for our country, we have decided to concretely support three health facilities of excellence because this emergency affects all of us, from north to south – declared Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb. The Italian Health System is one of the best in the world, but at this extremely difficult moment we must all give our commitment to help doctors, nurses and resuscitators perform their work in the best way possible so that our Country may soon overcome this emergency."

Fastweb has also extended the collection of funds to all its employees who until 17 March will be able to support this initiative by donating from 1 to 4 of their working hours. At the end of the collection period, the Company will distribute the funds, adding them to those already being donated to the three hospitals.

Fastweb donates 1 million Gigabytes – News of 13 March

Starting today, Friday March 13, Fastweb has made available free of charge to all its residential and VAT customers who have subscribed to a mobile rechargeable voice package, 1 million Gigabytes of Internet traffic that can be shared by the entire community until fully used. Once the set out ceiling is reached, the Mobile customers will resume the normal use of the data included in their package.

To access the additional Gigabytes, the Customers will not need to do anything. The data ceiling set out in the tariff plan subscribed as of today, starting at midnight, will no longer be eroded so as to enable the Fastweb mobile customers to use the shared data traffic.

In addition, through the page reserved, MyFastPage, and on this page, it will be possible, at any time, to display the number of Gigabytes used by the community.

Fastweb: Emergercy Management Covid-19 – News of 13 March

Fastweb with specific reference to the measures adopted to combat the spread of COVID-19, is strictly complying with the provisions stated in the official orders issued at the national and regional levels for containing the outbreak and with the Protocol Worker Safety issued on 14 March. Fastweb has adopted an Organisational Model that provides for its personnel and the personnel working in companies operating on behalf of Fastweb, to act in a coordinated and synergistic fashion and is therefore prepared to deal with emergency situations and to guarantee continuity of the business as well as to provide all necessary services to citizens and companies. Fastweb has therefore also adopted an operating model that ensures, the carrying out of all the activities remotely, while guaranteeing at the same time off-site interventions in compliance with the provisions issued by the competent authorities.

Fastweb has implemented a BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) certified according to the international standard ISO 22301 and has drawn up a Business Continuity Plan that enables the company to respond to analysed disastrous situations. This will be supported by additional interventions to effectively address any risk situations that may arise following the COVID-19 emergency, with the purpose of guaranteeing the continuity of the service throughout the entire Italian territory. Within this context, the following measures have been adopted.

  • All employees of Fastweb and Third Party companies have been informed about and asked to scrupulously comply with the prevention and protection rules that have been issued by the institutional health bodies; all employees working at our facilities are in compliance with said provisions. Furthermore, as a precaution and to actively contribute to the resolution of this emergency, all Fastweb and Third Parties employees have been asked weeks ago to work remotely; therefore all transfers requiring the use of a public transportation have been cancelled unless for "strictly demonstrated business reasons" that require a specific assessment and authorisation.
  • All maintenance interventions at the Fastweb technological sites are carried out as normal since our technicians can circulate according to the law requiring demonstrated business reasons and they are all equipped with suitable personal protective equipment.
  • All Fastweb employees and all the employees of the companies operating on behalf of Fastweb at the Customers' sites or other sites that provide services on behalf of the Customers themselves will carry out their activities, as much as possible, remotely. All subjects going to the customers' facilities shall perform their interventions on-site by scrupulously adopting all the measures issued by the competent authorities, including all precautionary measures adopted by Fastweb, as well as those indicated by the Customers.

We wish to reiterate again that Fastweb is in constant contact with the authorities designated to manage this crisis so as to perform only the most essential activities in compliance with the extraordinary measures adopted for the containment of the outbreak.

Attached is the ISO 22301 certificate (Business Continuity Management System) and the document that summarises the main characteristics of the Business Continuity Management System adopted by Fastweb to guarantee to their customers reliable services in support of their business.

Fastweb donates up to 50 Gigabytes to the customers of the red zones – News of 3 March

Fastweb has a strong sense of empathy for the populations who are going through the most difficult times during this Coronavirus emergency, and has joined thecall of the Ministry of Innovation to participate in the project "Digital Republic Manifesto". The Company has decided to make available to its residential customers who live in the municipalities of the so-called "red zones" (the Municipalities of the Lodi area and Vo' Euganeo in the province of Padua) and who have subscribed to a rechargeable mobile package, some additional Gigabytes, free of charge and at no additional costs.

The data ceiling of all the rechargeable SIM cards will therefore be increased up to 50 Gigabytes of Internet traffic. The additional Gigabytes will be made available to the customers starting with the first renewal of their package.

Fastweb joins thecampaign of "Senior Italia FederAnziani" to fight fraud against older people.