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Press release

Fastweb and Amtab S.p.A. sign a memorandum of understanding for the development of the Wi-Fi network in Italy

Press release 03/07/2018
The optimum synergy between these two elements will allow us to offer, this year, to the citizens, free Wi-Fi connectivity service of a high quality, both in terms of connection and service continuity.

Amtab S.p.A., Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti Autobus Bari, and Fastweb signed an agreement for enhancing the Wi-Fi network in the city of Bari. Piazza Aldo Moro, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Cavour and the area surrounding Opera Salesiana are the first areas identified, in agreement with the Public Administration of Bari, for the activation of the service that will be implemented using of the Amtab infrastructure (such as shelters, shops and ticket offices) and the highly performing fiber optic network and related Fastweb devices.

The optimum synergy between these two elements will allow us to offer, this year, to the citizens, free Wi-Fi connectivity service of a high quality, both in terms of connection and service continuity.

Fastweb, fully committed to support the digitalisation process of Italy by promoting access to innovative and quality connection services, will entirely support the costs for the implementation of the project that the Company has designed, also in terms of seizing an opportunity to study the evolution and the use of the network in preparation for the migration to 5G technology, currently in a testing phase in Bari, and directly related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Data (IoD) services.

For the municipality of Bari, this 5G testing is part of the path toward its transformation into a smart city – started in accordance with the plan formulated by the European Digital Plan and the Three Year Information Technology Plan by the Public Administration – in order to improve the liveability of the territory and its economic competitiveness.

"This is for us a real opportunity to present to the citizens the strength of this technology– explains the Bari Mayor, Antonio Decaro -. To activate efficient and fast connections in public spaces is the best way to make people understand how these tools can have a concrete and positive effect on their life and the quality of services. We have been investing for quite some time in the digitalisation of all components of the urban public transport system, and today, with the signing of this agreement between the municipality and Fastweb, we are making a decisive step forward".

The Chairman of AMTAB S.p.A. Attorney Pierluigi Vulcano: "AMTAB is very proud to be able to make its infrastructures available in view of the widespread need of the community to be able to use the Wi-Fi network in the city of Bari. The objective is to provide the opportunity to browse the Web at no cost, thus facilitating accessibility and interactions with the citizens while optimising mobility solutions. This initiative is a major step in the path toward a transformation, already started by the Municipal Administration, in order to achieve the goals set out for the project Bari Smart City".

"The bond that links us with the city of Bari is certainly very strong – states Sergio Scarpelli, Director of External and Institutional Relations of Fastweb – With the Wi-Fi infrastructure that we are expanding thanks to the partnership with AMTAB and the long term vision demonstrated by the Municipal Administration, we will be able to offer a service of excellence which, together with the testing of 5G, already gives to Bari an identity as a cutting edge city. Fast connectivity is nowadays an essential driver in our lives, and Fastweb, together with the city of Bari, wants to be a "ferryman" in this direction, to the advantage of the citizens, companies and public entities".