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Wellbeing is in 4D.

At Fastweb we put our people at the centre through the 4 dimensions of Wellbeing, offering through the Fast4Me platform a wide range of initiatives and services for the well-being of employees and their families.

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At Fastweb, Welfare is transformed into Wellbeing, going beyond the concept of benefits and becoming a real opportunity to support all aspects of our employees' lives, with a positive impact on their well-being, both at work and in their personal lives. Wellbeing at Fastweb, because You are the Future.
Fast4Me è Family & Future
Initiatives and solutions dedicated to parenting, caregiving, work-life balance, personal growth and empowerment.

The main initiatives

Fastweb Edu
A range of free programmes, tools and activities for the children of Fastweb employees between the ages of 6 and 18, designed to facilitate the development of specific skills (e.g. English and mathematics), to encourage independent study and help them make choices for their future. Scholarships are available for the most deserving students.

Free services to support caregiver employees, i.e. those who take care of a family member who is not self-sufficient due to disability or old age, through the offer of training activities and a contact centre providing guidance on services that can be accessed to simplify the management of daily caregiving and related emergency situations.

Parenting Support
In support of the parents, free babysitting vouchers, counselling for attention disorders and special educational needs (DSA/BES), pedagogical support services, training and information webinars are available to offer guidance to the parents in promoting their children's growth.

Work-life balance
Working Smart: flexibility and autonomy with greater responsibility for results, thanks to a new management style and a specific agreement with trade unions. Additional leave time compared to that provided for in the National Labour Contract for the Telecommunications industry for the assistance of children with Attention Disorders (DSA), offer of specialist medical examinations, including those of family members, and for paternity.

Fast4Me means Feel Better
Sports and initiatives for physical and psychological wellbeing courses to provide an all-round view and approach to "feeling good", with oneself and with others.

The main initiatives

Run Happy Crew
Free weekly running and fit walking work-outs with dedicated trainers to improve quality of life and mental and physical wellbeing. The Happy Crew is a real community.

Digital Wellbeing Room
Free virtual weekly workouts with dedicated trainers in yoga, functional training and meditation.

Sporting events
Free participation in sports competitions (e.g. Milano Marathon, DJTen, Dynamo Bike Challenge) and outdoor events (e.g. Yoga and Pilates Day)

Psychological well-being
Free psychological support through five individual meetings with a professional.

Fast4Me means Time & Money
Health insurance, pension funds, free services and partnered facilities, together with a platform for fast access to various services, enable us to support our employees on a day-to-day basis.

The main initiatives

Insurance and health plan
Protect your health and preserve it through prevention. A range of insurance cover (life, accident, permanent disability), a 24-hour medical assistance programme extended to family members, supplementary health cover for specialist visits, examinations and medical procedures, as well as a free annual check-up for the employee.

Time & money saving
Many advantages and solutions to save time and money. Some of available services include: a service for receiving personal packages in the office, a free tax consultancy service with income tax declaration and ISEE [Equivalent financial situation index], as well as a corporate benefits portal with dedicated discounts and promotions.

Severance indemnity and Pensions
In the event of special needs, it is possible to obtain an advance on severance pay of up to 70% with more favourable conditions than those provided for in the Civil Code. Supplementary Telemaco coverage is available to employees to supplement their mandatory pension coverage, with an additional 1.3% contribution from Fastweb.

Employee Promo
Fastweb subscriptions for both the fixed network at home and personal smartphones will be activated free of charge to provide all employees with a quality connection.

Fast4Me means Art & Fun
Partnerships, collaborations and initiatives to enrich your leisure time with beauty, culture and positive energy. Tickets for cinema, theatre, concerts, conventions for cultural activities and fairs.

Le principali iniziative

Free tickets to enjoy the performances at the Franco Parenti Theatre in Milan.

Exhibitions and Museums
Free tickets for cultural events (e.g. Fondazione Prada, MUSE the Science Museum in Trento, Steve McCurry's photo exhibition in Bari).

Sporting Events
Free tickets for sporting events (e.g. Rugby, Gymnastics and Tennis championships).

Recreational activities
Free tickets and promotions for leisure experiences (e.g. AeroGravity, Salone Nautico del Mediterraneo, La Cucina Italiana).


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Wellbeing means Future

We put people at the centre of our vision and believe in creating a more connected, more inclusive and more sustainable future for all, with the belief that the pursuit of physical, emotional, economic and psychological well-being of our employees can generate a positive impact for the community and for the individuals.


Digital means revolutionising the way we live and work to feel overall better, and that's why we are committed to apply technology and innovation to the promotion of a healthy and sustainable work culture, characterised by innovative services built to improve the well-being of our people by enhancing the impact of digital on everyday life.


Through the services we design, we want to promote experiences and opportunities that can help individuals feel part of a community. Respecting the uniqueness of each individual, we strive every day to embrace with our solutions the needs and requirements of all our people throughout their working life.


We want to protect the environment and the resources of our planet, creating wellness solutions for our people, inspired by Fastweb's principles of environmental sustainability. We believe in offering green, innovative mobility and agile, flexible working arrangements that generate a positive impact for our people and the environment around them.