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Fastweb for the country

Our initiatives and our projects play a key role in the digitalization process of Italy, families, companies and public administration.

Our initiatives and our projects play a key role in the acceleration of Italy’s digitalisation. We are committed to delivering ultra-fast speed not only to the big cities, but also to medium-small sized towns: we want to eliminate the digital divide in Italy and make gigabit connectivity available to all households and businesses by 2025. We want to offer connectivity with the best performance anywhere and anytime, a simple and fast customer experience, maximum cyber security and data protection. We provide to the public administration and to large companies, in addition to connectivity, also advanced services such as virtual networks, cloud, safety, internet of things, which allow for the development of new services leading toward a digital transformation for companies and smart cities.

22 milion
households and companies reached by Fastweb’s fixed network, 8 of which with its proprietary network.
10 billion
invested in infrastructure since 1999 and another 3 billion in investments planned by 2025
24 million
households and businesses reached through connections up to 1 Gbps by 2024
of the Italian population reached by 5G Mobile services by 2025

Our network infrastructures

We are committed to delivering ultra-speed connectivity not only to the big cities, but also to the medium-small sized towns by leveraging on a combination of proprietary networks and technologies of the newest generation (FTTx, 5G Mobile, 5G Fixed Wireless Access).

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Today, the WOW FI represents the largest wi-fi network, with approximately 2 million home spots and modems of customers who have joined the initiative, in addition to 1,400 hot spots active in the highest traffic areas of the main Italian cities (Bologna, Catania, Genoa, Monza, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Verona) and in in the main squares and underground stations of Milan. Therefore, the WOW FI service covers all Italian municipalities that use our services.

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5G as an enabling technology

5G, thanks to its speeds, latencies and “capability” in terms of activated connections, will revolutionise the way we live and produce, inaugurating the internet of things era and radically transforming cities and numerous industrial sectors. This year we have created several use cases in the areas of healthcare, industry 4.0, smart city, public safety, tourism and culture, smart mobility, while also developing catalogue services available to our customers.

In 2020, we have launched our NeXXt Generation 2025 project and we have already reached the first 50 cities with our Ultra FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) network, a technology that allows for the connection of companies and households based on implementation times and costs that are significantly lower than the traditional fibre networks, while guaranteeing the best performance of the FTTH network.

By 2024 we will reach 2,000 municipalities with this solution, contributing to the elimination of the digital divide in Italy and by 2025 we will reach 90% of the Italian population with our 5G Mobile network, developed in collaboration with Wind Tre.

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Open Innovation: a winning paradigm to plan the future together

It is our firm belief that in order to develop innovation and 5G in Italy and to boost a new generation of products, services and business models, it is necessary to develop an echo system made up of companies, incubators and research centres. To this end we have developed an Open Innovation programme that involves our people and the world of start-ups for the creation of solutions and innovative products.

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Privacy and cybersecurity

Data protection and cybersecurity are fundamental elements within the context of the current technological evolution and digital transformation: the centrality of the ICT infrastructure grows on a daily basis together with the necessity to protect the confidentiality and the integrity of information and digitally exchanged data. The constant technological development is accompanied by constant legislative changes that we are committed to monitoring every year. Our attention is particularly focused on the 360-degree protection of user data, from the cybersecurity attacks to privacy, an area at the top of today's European and Italian agenda.