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Press release

#nientecomeprima, Fastweb announces the second chapter of its strategy

Press release 17/11/2017
In the mobile sector, the first operator in Italy to offer the same offers to new and existing customers

After the revolutionary mobile offers presented last May with the elimination of the surprises in the bill and subsequently with the new landline offers that permanently abolish promotions and hidden costs, Fastweb presents the second stage in #nientecomeprima (nothing like it was before) and announces important news designed to renew the trust and transparency with its customers.

With the first instalment of #nientecomeprima, Fastweb - in complete contrast to the market trend - has eliminated all penalties and term constraints for mobile telephony and eliminated all costs for so-called ancillary services - answer phone, call-back service, calls to find out your remaining credit and the cost for the pricing scheme. Arbitrary charges and hidden costs have a significant impact on the actual cost to the customer and according to a recent press survey, are worth some two billion euros. But with Fastweb Mobile, customers are always sure of what they are spending because "what you see is what you pay", with no surprises in your bill.

Today Fastweb is announcing further important news. In a mobile market characterised by promotional offers for new customers only, Fastweb has decided to invert the model, allowing all its customers - both new and existing customers - to take sign up for any offer. Therefore, anyone who signs up for any Fastweb mobile offer will not have to worry about continually looking for new promotions because they will always have the best Fastweb offers available with no entry or exit costs or costs for changes of plan.

"Innovation and the drive to change have always been our distinctive features", remarked Alberto Calcagno, Fastweb CEO. "In May we took the path of total transparency for our mobile offers and we want to continue with this. Faced with a mobile market in which the hidden costs, according to a recent press survey, amount to around two billion euros, that is around 15% of the sector, we are responding with clear and simple rates, eliminating all extra costs. And for landlines, we have put a stop to promotions and prices that go up at the end of the period. But we don't want to stop there. With the second stage of #nientecomeprima, we are taking another step towards what the Italian people are crying out for, in other words, curing an annoying custom consolidated in the mobile market, which until today has penalised existing customers strongly by comparison to new customers, limiting the best offers to those coming from other operators, whereas we want to make them accessible to everyone and always without costs, constraints and penalties. We will continue down this path for both landlines and mobiles in 2018 too, adding further dimensions through new chapters in our strategy".

As of Monday, 20 November, any Fastweb mobile customer will be free to sign up for the new offers in the mobile portfolio free of change with a simple click. A revolution, considering that the majority of new offers on the Italian market exclude existing customers and when this option is possible, it can cost the consumer anything up to 20 euros.

According to a survey carried out by the Reputation Institute for the Telco market in Italy, 81% of Italians are convinced that the best mobile offers are reserved for new customers. For Fastweb Mobile customers, this will no longer be true!

But equal treatment between customers is not the only news in the second chapter of #nientecomeprima. Fastweb is driving convergence too: the flagship offer FREEDOM is being further strengthened, for both existing and new customers, increasing from 6 to 8GB, with unlimited call time and text messages and maintaining the same price of EUR 9.95 for those who already have Fastweb at home and want to sign up for it. The option to get unlimited gigas remains unchanged through the WOW-FI hot spots. WOW-FI is the innovative wi-fi service shared between the customer community, now available in more than 800 municipalities around Italy, offering unlimited use of the Internet wherever you are without consuming the gigas included in your own plan.

#nientecomeprima keeps its promises for the landline market too, where Fastweb was the first company in Italy to introduce the logic of prices that do not change at the end of the promotional period with three clear and transparent offers: Internet, Internet+Voice and Internet+Voice+Mobile.  As in the case of mobile, for the landline offers too, the additional costs for supplementary telephone services, such as answer phone and call transfer, are already included in the final price, with no extra charges. Furthermore, for the landline market, Fastweb offers the lowest pay per use rates on the market, even for calling abroad to numerous international destinations.

Fastweb Mobile offering

The Fastweb Mobile offering puts an end to the uncertainty typical of mobile use for users and provides for four profiles, designed to best meet all customers' communication and connectivity needs. All the offers are convergent and accessible to new customers and those who already have a mobile or landline subscription. Mobile 500 includes 500 minutes of calls, 500 text messages and 3GB in 4G whereas Mobile 250 includes 250 minutes of calls, 250 text messages and 6GB in 4G, both at a price of EUR 9.95 every 4 weeks (?5.95 for landline customers). Lastly, Fastweb has launched Mobile 100, a new basic offer, the only one of its kind on the market, which allows you to access mobile services for just EUR 1.95 every 4 weeks (EUR 0.95 for landline customers) with 100 minutes of calls included and 100 Mega of Internet traffic in 4G. For those who require unlimited voice services and some 8 GB in 4G can sign up for the unlimited service at ?14.95 every 4 weeks (EUR 9.95 for landline customers). Finally, Fastweb is the first operator on the market to offer all customers an entire portfolio of mobile offers with traffic included not just to landlines and mobiles in Italy but also to more than 50 international destinations, including, in addition to Europe, China, Canada and the United States, without the need to sign up for specific options or offers.

Fastweb guarantees the same offer prices through all the sales channels, in store and on