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Press release

Milan Film Festival and Fastweb Digital Academy present "Ultrareal World", the first 360° VR Cinema in Italy

Press release 05/10/2017
Screenings until March 2018 at BASE, Via Bergognone 34, Milan

The Milan Film Festival and Fastweb Digital Academy, the new school for digital professions, aimed at promoting digital culture and speeding up the entry of young people into the job market, helping them to become active promoters of innovation in our country, present "Ultrareal World", the first 360° VR cinema in Italy. Inside BASE, at Via Bergognone 34, Milan, a space entirely dedicated to virtual reality has been be created to offer all visitors the chance to experience the potential of virtual reality and the technical innovation of the audio-visual field.

360° vision is based on technology with enormous potential to create a strong impact not only on the entertainment industry but also on the development of the entire economy from a digital perspective. Fastweb Digital Academy is already exploring the potential applications of virtual reality through specific courses in order to equip young people with the tools and most sought-after digital skills for the development of new markets.

Inside the cinema, using goggles provided by Samsung, the project's technological partner, the audience will be able to watch footage filmed with the 360° technique used in film productions with subjective shots, yet within a context based on exchanges and discussions. The footage viewing will be accompanied by presentations and discussions that will contribute to promoting a sharing of experiences and the development of new inspirations.

Starting on Thursday, 5 October and until March 2018, with a special calendar made up of six dates, all visitors and film enthusiasts will be able to discover and explore new virtual reality frontiers in the film industry in a completely new fashion.

"We are proud to support the Milan Film Festival in such a cutting-edge project", declared Federico Ciccone, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer at Fastweb. "Virtual reality opens up a world of new possibilities to us that really can revolutionise the entertainment, information and education sectors and the economy. That is why Fastweb, which has always been involved in enabling and promoting digital development, was among the first to believe in the potential of virtual reality and its disruptive capacity to involve people, allowing them to experience unique sensations first hand. The app, created with Frecce Tricolori and filmed 360° for the promotion and appreciation of the artistic and cultural heritage of some of the most beautiful cities in Italy are projects that we promote and that are going in precisely that direction".

Fastweb Digital Academy is the school for new digital professions founded in Milan as part of Cariplo Factory. Through the Academy's specialist training courses on new digital skills, it aims to invest in young people, their curiosity and

their capacity to get the most out of new technology to develop new ideas and contribute to the country's growth.