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Press release

Fastweb brings back to Italy part of its customer care activities: 220 new employment agreements for the Cagliari and Lecce sites thanks to the contract signed with Comdata

Press release 08/05/2018
The plan – to be completed by September 2018 – will involve the transfer to Italy of the activities that are currently carried out by the Comdata call center in Romania.

Fastweb, one of the leading operators in telecommunications in Italy, has entered into a three year agreement with Comdata - a prime European group specialising in customer care and business processing - which has been entrusted with a part of the technical support and customer care services for the Fastweb users of the residential , Soho Professional (Shp) and Small Business segments – thus re-shoring part of the customer care activities that are currently carried out abroad by Comdata, in order to ensure the highest quality level in the provision of said services.

More specifically, the plan foresees the gradual transfer, to the Cagliari and Lecce sites, to be completed by 30 September 2018, of the customer care activities for Fastweb users, which are currently carried out by Comdata at their Rumanian facilities. Thanks to this agreement, the activities performed by about 200 call center operators will be brought back to Italy with the consequent creation of new local employment opportunities.

With this step, Fastweb is further strengthening its customer care activities by assuming a greater social responsibility and guaranteeing the best possible quality of customer care to its users, in line with the provisions of the Self-Regulation Protocol promoted by the Minister for Economic development, Carlo Calenda, signed by the main clients of Contact Center activities on the 4th of May, aimed at ensuring the presence in the country of a professional Customer Care Service of high quality, competitive and financially sustainable.

"We are very proud of the agreement entered into with Comdata which will allow for the acquisition, within the Sardinia territory of expertise and qualified professional profiles" declared Andrea Pizzigoni, Chief Consumer & Small Business Officer of Fastweb."Besides leading the market in terms of innovations, we also aim at providing customer services, to the consumers and the citizens, with increasingly higher levels of quality and such as to establish a trustful and loyal relationship with the families and the companies that are choosing Fastweb".