Fastweb Mobile: at Christmas three days of unlimited calls for all our customers

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Press release 22/12/2017
From the 24th to the 26tth of December, Fastweb Mobile customers will be able to make unlimited calls without using the minutes included in their plans

At Christmas, good wishes will reach everybody. From Sunday the 24th to Tuesday the 26th of December, Fastweb is giving a present to all its customers through a Fastweb rechargeable offer with unlimited calls to all national land line and mobile phone numbers, without using the minutes included in their current plan or using their credit. A promotion, unique in the market, which answers the needs of those who want to exchange simple wishes with family members, relatives and friends. This promotion will be made automatically available to all Fastweb Mobile customers without any additional cost and without activation.

"For the holiday season, we are going to offer to our customers a special promotion and the unique opportunity to contact their family and friends, without any worries and with total freedom, and to share thoughts and feelings with their loved ones" said Roberto Chieppa, Marketing & Customer Experience Officer of Fastweb. "By offering three days of national unlimited calls to all, we want to reward the loyalty of our customers who continue to grow in number and of those who are now choosing Fastweb Mobile to experience the extensive coverage and the extraordinary performance in terms of speed and quality of services provided by Fastweb Mobile 4G".

Transparency, freedom and no limits are the three pillars on which Fastweb has built its mobile solutions by introducing – since last May – a true revolution in the world of voice services and data mobility. A strategy that has been welcomed by the public and that has allowed Fastweb to reach and exceed, in just a few months, the major goal of 1 million active SIMs.

In fact, all Fastweb Mobile plans include ancillary services (voice mail, a call back feature, credit check) finally ending phone bill surprises. In addition, the connection charges are also eliminated and the cost for exceeding minutes and Giga included in the plan, are among the lowest in the market. The Fastweb mobile revolution is also based on maximum freedom by eliminating all traditional duration restrictions: there are no set out minimum plan durations nor penalties in the case of withdrawal or change of provider.

Mobile 500 includes 500 minutes, 500 text messages and 3GB in 4G while Mobile 250 includes 250 minutes, 250 text messages and 6GB in 4g, both for Euro 9.95 every 4 weeks (Euro 5.95 for land line customers). In addition, a promotion of 2 free GB until January 7. Those who wish to have unlimited calling time and 8 GB in 4G can purchase a plan with an unlimited use for Euro 14.95 for 4 weeks (Euro 9.95 for land line customers).

Fastweb is the first provider in the market to offer to all its customers an entire portfolio of mobile plans with included traffic not only toward land lines and mobile phones in Italy but also to more than 50 international destinations, including, in addition to Europe, also China, Canada and the United States without having to purchase options or special plans.

In addition, thanks to the automatic connection with the WoW-FI hot spots, the innovative wi-fi service shared among the customers – available now in more than 800 municipalities in Italy – all Fastweb Mobile customers have available unlimited Giga to navigate in mobility without restrictions and without using traffic data.

The 4G SIM of Fastweb included in all mobile plans allows the customers to access a network coverage among the best in Italy with high quality navigation, and to watch videos in streaming, with HD quality, to download and share much faster, within the network and on social media, videos, photos and multimedia content, as well as greater network mobile coverage, without any additional costs. It is in fact possible to surf the web in 4G with speeds up to 150 Megabits per second in download and 50 Mbps in upload, with a coverage of more than 97% of the national territory. Additionally, in more than 600 municipalities, it is already possible to surf the web in 4GPlus with speeds up to 300 Mbps in download.

For further details about current promotions and the mobile network coverage, and to find the Fastweb store nearest you, see the website