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Press release

Fastweb and Sky Italy: new agreement for NOW TV

Press release 18/12/2017
The partnership that integrates the Internet and Sky TV in the Fastweb landline offer kicks off

Sky Italy and Fastweb are adding a further dimension to their partnership with a new agreement that provides the opportunity for new customers that sign up for the Fastweb "Internet", "Internet +Telephone" or "Internet +Telephone + Mobile" offers and for existing landline customers, to include the great live and on-demand contents of NOW TV, Sky's Internet TV, in their subscription.

All new Fastweb customers can choose to add the NOW TV Entertainment Pass during the activation phase of their landline offer, whereas existing customers can choose to activate the services on MyFASTpage, at a cost of EUR 9.20 every 4 weeks, and personalise their offer by adding the Cinema Pass or TV Series at just ?5 per month or Sports starting at ?6.99 with the advantage of being able pay the service conveniently in their telephone bills, choosing the preferred method of payment.

For Fastweb customers the streaming device will be included in the NOW TV Box offer, which makes the existing television in the home smart and allows access without installation and with no satellite dish to all the NOW TV contents and a selection of the best apps like Youtube, Vevo, Vimeo and many others.

Furthermore, anyone who decides to activate NOW TV by 21 January 2018 will have the right to a discount of ?5 for 12 renewals on the selected Fastweb landline offer.

With this agreement Fastweb extends the bouquet of digital services offered to its customers to include high quality television content. With its powerful fibre optic network and the high bandwidth of the network all over Italy, Fastweb customers will have the chance to experience an excellent video streaming video service and enjoy entertainment with Entertainment Pass, Cinema, TV Series and Sport on their own home TV sets with NOW TV Box.

For Sky Italy, this agreement is a new opportunity to combine its streaming TV offering with the ultra-fast connectivity of Fastweb, bringing, with the maximum convenience and flexibility, a selection of its prime contents to an increasingly broad and diverse audience.

"With this agreement, Fastweb customers can choose to combine our solutions for landlines with one of the best content platforms on the market, characterised by simplicity and convergence," stated Roberto Chieppa, Marketing & Customer Experience Officer at Fastweb. "With the new partnership, we have added a further dimension to our partnership with Sky Italy, making a full package of top quality television contents available to our customers thus broadening the options offered".

"We are very satisfied with this new partnership with Fastweb, which strengthens the strategy to make the most of the NOW TV contents, unique for their quality and exclusivity, together with fibre optic offers" – declared Elia Mariani at NOW TV. "Starting from Entertainment Pass, which is already included, Fastweb customers can personalise their content range at any time and with maximum flexibility, adding further dimensions with Cinema Pass, TV Series and Sports. With Now TV Box, the streaming device that makes their home TVs smart, customers will be able to enjoy their favourite contents with the utmost simplicity, also accessing a selection of apps including Youtube, Vevo and Vimeo on their own TV sets".

The subscription to NOW TV gives viewing rights for 24 months of Entertainment Pass, a package that is unique on the market, with 13 dedicated channels to satisfy the tastes of all the family: the unmissable Sky One shows like X-Factor and MasterChef, Nat Geo Wild and History Channel documentaries, MTV and FOX Animation children's programmes, Fox Life TV series, kids' favourite programmes with Nick Jr, Disney Channel and Disney Junior, two Eurosports channels and Sky TG24 news and Sky Sport24. All of which is enhanced with a vast On-Demand offering, with monthly Cinema, TV Series and Sports Passes that can be added or deactivated at any point during the subscription and in this case too, it is charged directly on the bill.

Fastweb offering for the landline market

The Fastweb offering for the landline market includes three solutions that are simple, convergent and good value: "Internet", "Internet + Telephone" and "Internet +Telephone + Mobile", the names alone are simple and intuitive, three solutions with clear and transparent prices that never change and have no additional costs for supplementary telephone services, such as answer phone or call transfer, which are included in the subscription. "Internet" is the basic offer and at just EUR 24.95 every four weeks, offers unlimited faster, high-performance connectivity; whereas for EUR 29.95 every four weeks, the "Internet + Telephone" solution also includes unlimited domestic calls from landlines to all landlines and at a cost of just EUR 5 cents per minute and no call set-up fee even for calls to domestic mobile numbers and landline numbers in 50 international destinations, thus ensuring the best value. "Internet + Telephone + Mobile" is the most complete and convergent Fastweb offer, which, for just EUR 39.90 every four weeks, combines "Internet + Telephone" with Freedom, the most complete Fastweb mobile offer, which offers 8 Gigas of traffic in 4G and unlimited call time and text messages. Also included in the price is the Landline/Mobile option, which allows our customers to make unlimited calls from their landlines to all domestic mobile numbers.

With the Fastweb offers for landlines, the existing partnership with SKY has also been extended: NOW TV is the solution for those who do not want to receive Sky by satellite, whereas for all other customers, the SKY and Fastweb offer is still available which, at EUR 20.90 every four weeks until January 2019, includes the exclusive Sky TV and Sky Family packages. Whereas for those who are already SKY customers, the Fastweb Internet + Telephone is available at EUR 11 until January 2019. At the end of the offer period, the offer will go up to EUR 29.95 every four weeks, plus the SKY subscription.

All the details are available on the website


NOW TV is Sky's Internet TV, dedicated to those who want to enjoy their entertainment without satellite dish installation with streaming and prevalently on demand, but do not want to forgo the quality and wealth of contents of Sky. Available on NOW TV Box and on the main devices connected to Internet, the NOW TV offer is the only one of its kind owing to the freshness, quality and variety of the Entertainment, TV Series, Cinema and Sports contents and includes various passes, which can be subscribed with the maximum flexibility.