Fastweb is second among Europe's Climate Leaders 2021

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Press release 20/05/2021
The ranking of the 300 European companies that have most reduced their impact on climate was published in the Financial Times.

Fastweb is among the European companies that have reduced their impact on climate change the most, placing second in the ranking that was just published in the Financial Times (, drawn up by the research company Statista, according to the criterion of the largest percentage reduction, year-on-year, of "core" carbon dioxide emissions between 2014 and 2019, based on revenue growth. It is a very important recognition that rewards the commitment of the company that has been investing for years to significantly improve the energy efficiency of its network infrastructure and that, since 2015, has purchased 100% of its energy from renewable sources.

Based on companies' success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in particular direct emissions (Scope 1), the emissions related to purchased electricity (Scope 2) and all other indirect emissions (Scope 3) calculated in CO2 equivalents, the Europe's Climate Leaders 2021 ranking of the Financialo Times identifies the 300 best companies in Europe that have most reduced their impact on the environment.

Fastweb, with a 95% reduction in core emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2), places at the top of the ranking and makes it the best performing telecommunications company in Europe in terms of reducing emissions.

“Sustainability is now one of the key drivers that inspires our strategies and projects. Digitalization and sustainability are the two essential levers for the future of Italy and in our vision they are increasingly integrated: there is no digitalization without sustainability and there is no sustainability without digitalization," said Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb. “Taking care of the community, the land and the environment are a top business priority for us and no longer just a social responsibility imperative."

Fastweb’s commitment to combat climate change will continue in the coming years moving toward the achievement of new challenging goals. Fastweb, as a confirmation of such commitment for the protection of the environment, is among the leading companies in Italy to have set specific objectives for the reduction, by 2030, of its greenhouse gas emissions and to have presented them to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) obtaining its approval on a scientific basis.

As Fastweb continues to expand its network and services, it has also committed to reduce, by 2030, its direct emissions (Scope 1) by 62% compared to 2018, to continue to purchase 100% of its electrical power (Scope 2) from renewable sources until at least 2030, and to reduce by 2030 indirect emissions (Scope 3) by 15% compared to 2018.

Environmental protection is one of the main challenges of the modern world and the direction taken by Fastweb testifies to the company's intent and ability to continue its "green" process that started in 2015 in the fight against climate change, by leveraging its technological innovation and sense of responsibility towards the future of the new generations.