Fastweb and EOLO: strategic partnership to accelerate coverage of digital divide areas with the most extensive FWA 5G millimeter-wave network in the country.

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Press release 10/04/2024
The two companies will make synergic use of Fastweb's spectrum and EOLO's FWA infrastructure to provide households and businesses with connections of up to 1 Giga in areas where FTTH service is not available

Fastweb and EOLO have signed an agreement to create a strategic partnership that will generate value for citizens and the country, significantly accelerating the availability of very high-capacity services in areas where high-performance fixed connectivity services are not available.

The combined use of the millimeter-wave frequencies in the 26 GHz band acquired by Fastweb during the 2018 5G auction and EOLO's FWA access infrastructure will allow to create in the areas covered by EOLO the most extensive FWA network in the country with download speeds of up to 1 Giga.

At the same time, thanks to a wholesale agreement with Fastweb, EOLO will obtain access to Fastweb's fiber-based network infrastructure and will therefore be able to further increase the areas where it will be able to resell FTTH services to its customers, increasing its presence nationwide.

The agreement has an important strategic value for both companies.

Fastweb secures access to a strategic FWA network infrastructure, focused in areas where FTTH networks are not available, which will enable it to extend its ultra-broadband coverage to an additional potential of around 3.5 million households, rising to 5 million by 2029. The use of this infrastructure will enable Fastweb to accelerate the availability of 5G FWA access services with download speeds of up to 1Gb/s in digital divide areas. The connections thus created will also be made available to third-party operators as wholesale service.

EOLO, thanks to the use of Fastweb's 26 GHz band spectrum, will enhance its ability to provide very high-capacity FWA services, further consolidating its leadership in fixed wireless services; access to Fastweb's FTTH fiber infrastructure will also enable EOLO to significantly extend the coverage of its ultra-broadband network offering, adding a potential of around 2.5 million households.

The agreement is subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Walter Renna, Fastweb’s CEO: "We are once again confirming our DNA as an operator with a strong focus on infrastructure and innovation. The partnership with EOLO allows us to leverage more efficiently our spectrum to expand rapidly our ultra broadband network coverage. A network that we will make available also to third-party operators, to further enhance our mission as a wholesale service provider".

Guido Garrone, EOLO’s CEO: "The partnership with Fastweb confirms once again the strategic role of FWA in bridging the digital divide, as a complementary solution to FTTH where fiber is uneconomic. Thanks to the 26 GHz frequencies, the network infrastructure and the experience gained over more than 15 years in the end-to-end FWA supply chain, we can follow up on our evolutionary roadmap based on 5G millimeter-wave technology to offer 1 Giga services, further strengthening our leadership in the FWA market."

About Fastweb

With 3,2 million wireline and 3,5 million mobile customers, Fastweb is one of Italy's leading telecommunications operators. The company promotes the digital transformation of the society to build an increasingly connected, inclusive and eco sustainable future. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has focused on innovation and network infrastructure to guarantee the highest quality in the provision of ultra-broadband services and to promote the digitalisation of citizens and the country. To help everyone build their future with confidence, the company continuously invests in high-performance Gigabit-speed networks and innovative services, encourages the widest possible development of digital skills among the population, promotes an inclusive culture, is committed to the growth of talents, and supports the fight against climate change. Since 2015, the company has acquired 100% of its energy from renewable sources and has set ambitious emission reduction targets in 2020 endorsed by Science Based Targets initiatives. Already Carbon Neutral for direct emissions and those from its customers' operations and use of services, Fastweb has set the ambitious goal of becoming completely Carbon Neutral by 2025. Awarded second place in the Europe's Climate Leaders 2021 ranking pf the Financial Times, Fastweb has received the “EE+” (Very Strong) long-term sustainability rating from Standard Ethics. Fastweb has become a Benefit company since January 2022.

About EOLO

EOLO is the Benefit Company operating in the telecommunications sector at a national level with the mission of connecting small municipalities to ultra-wideband. It pursues this mission since 2007 with its proprietary FWA - Fixed Wireless Access - technology and today it is the first FWA network in Italy for the residential and business market (Source: Agcom). The EOLO network is active in more than 6,900 municipalities thanks to 4.100 BTS (radio repeaters) and more than 16,000km of fiber optic backbones.  Every day EOLO connects more than 1.6 million people and around 115,000 businesses, public administration bodies and professionals. EOLO employs 600 employees and more than 17,000 people including collaborators, technical installers and business partners in the territory. This commitment to inclusive digitization of the country has also been recognized through the B Corp certification received in January 2023. EOLO is the first telecommunications operator to become a B Corp in Italy. For more information, visit