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Press release

Fastweb: Starting today, the speed for home connection becomes transparent

Press release 27/08/2018
After definitively abolishing hidden costs, limited time promotions, duration constraints and penalties in the case of an early withdrawal for the fixed and mobile telephony, Fastweb continues its path of total transparency also regarding the declared speed.

Fastweb continues to revolutionise telephony services in Italy and with the sixth chapter of #nientecomeprima [#nothinglikeitbefore] the strategy based on the plans' transparency and clarity, launched more than one year ago, rewrites another established paradigm in the market by introducing the "transparent" speed for landline connections. After definitively abolishing hidden costs, limited time promotions, duration constraints and penalties in the case of an early withdrawal for the fixed and mobile telephony, Fastweb continues its path of total transparency also regarding the declared speed. 

Fastweb is in fact the only operator in the market to communicate to the customers, in a transparent manner, directly in their subscription agreement, the exact speed with which they will be able to browse through their home connection.  After activating the line, each new customer will receive a call from a Fastweb operator who will check that the activated speed matches the speed indicated in the agreement. If the speed of the connection is lower than the speed communicated at the time of subscription, the customer may decide whether or not to withdraw from the agreement, without any restrictions and at no cost.

"With the sixth episode of our #nientecomeprima strategy, we are further renewing our commitment of trust with the customer as regards the true essence of the service" declared Roberto Chieppa, Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of Fastweb. "Transparency is our objective and starting today we are providing transparency also about the speed of connection, sharply diverging from the rest of the market as we already did by abolishing all hidden costs, penalties and duration restrictions on both landline and mobile phones."

Transparency on the speed of connection is also combined with the possibility introduced by Fastweb, starting in June, for the customers of landline phones and Internet connection to request switching to the best available technology, free of charge, with a simple click in MyFastPage or MyFastweb app and without any additional charge if the modem needs to be replaced or for the Ultra-fibre option for those who can be reached by fibre optic.

With #nientecomeprima, Fastweb has significantly changed the world of telephony by eliminating, for both the landline and the mobile phones, all the so-called hidden costs related to supplementary telephone services, such as voice mail, credit check, call transfer, penalties for early withdraw, and by eliminating promotions and setting up for its plans only "fixed" fees which do not change at the end of the launch period. Further more, with Fastweb, all the customers who have already signed up for a mobile or landline plan for the home, may join any new plan under the same conditions offered to new customers, without any difference, very simply and with no additional costs. Fastweb allows also all its customers to withdraw from all the plans, related to both landline and/or mobile connections, with no time limits, a restriction that is often applied in the market and that may vary from a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 24 months. A transparency choice that translates also into the introduction of the "all included" invoice where the monthly fee includes all components that are usually charged separately, such as activation cost, an additional charge for the modem or for the Ultra-fibre option.

With this new episode of the #nientecomeprima strategy, Fastweb renews also its offers for the mobile and landline connections and does even more about convergence: in fact, a Fastweb customer who chooses both landline and mobile, will receive a double discount of 5 Euro on the landline and on the mobile option. A financial advantage for the final user, unique in the Italian market.

Fastweb Mobile plan

Together with the Mobile Basic which includes 1 GB, 100 minutes and 100 sms at Euro 1.95 a month for the landline customers (Euro 2.95 a month for the mobile only customers) Fastweb strengthens further its mobile portfolio by launching the new Mobile Voice & Giga with 20 GB, 1,000 minutes and 100 sms at Euro 5.95 a month for the landline customers (Euro 10.95 a month and 10 GB for the mobile only customers) and Mobile Freedom that gives to the landline customers 30 GB, unlimited number of minutes and 100 sms at Euro 9.95 a month (Euro 14.95 a month with 20 GB for the mobile only customers). For all the mobile plans, the traffic minutes included may be also used for calls to 60 international destinations, including Europe, China, Canada and the United States and may be also used when you are in roaming in Europe and, as a unique option in Italy, also in Switzerland.  The customers of all the Fastweb mobile plans benefit from the 4G/4GPlus service and a coverage, within Italy, of more than 98% for both calls and the Internet, in addition to unlimited navigation with a WOW FI coverage.

Fastweb Landline plan

For the home, Fastweb offers two clear and simple plans. Internet is the plan that at Euro 29.95 a month (down to Euro 24.95 if Fastweb is chosen also for the mobile phone) provides unlimited navigation at the highest speeds possible. Internet + Telephone offers instead a plan for Euro 34.95 a month (Euro 29.95 for the customers who also choose Fastweb for the mobile phone), in addition to unlimited navigation, and including unlimited calls from the house phone to domestic numbers. Both plans include, with no additional charge, FastGate, the modem of the latest generation capable of maximising network performance by offering the maximum domestic coverage and the highest speed for browsing on the Internet, also in WiFi, from all devices.

All offers, for landline and mobile, expire on 30 September 2018, unless extended.