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Press release

Fastweb brings 100 Gbps fibre optic connectivity to Europe's three main Internet Exchange Points

Press release 22/05/2018
Currently the only Italian operator with 100 Gbps capacity on Amsterdam (AMSIX), London (LINX) and Frankfurt (DECIX).

Fastweb has announced the completion of major infrastructure upgrades, bringing 100 Gbps connectivity to Europe's three main Internet Exchange Points: Amsterdam (AMSIX), London (LINX) and Frankfurt (DECIX). Currently the only Italian operator with 100 Gbps capacity on Europe's three largest European Internet Exchange Points, Fastweb is able to provide its customers with transmission capacity via three different, dedicated circuits. The circuits are not shared with other operators so there is no connection slowdown.

Fastweb's continued network investment and new transmission capacity translates into markedly improved Internet connections, with reduced data transfer latency, for both its residential and business customers.

The three connections, which provide direct access to the international content providers that own the European servers from which they transmit, and are not mediated by other operators, have significantly improved Fastweb's international peering service. As a result, download times have been slashed and multimedia streaming and connection quality has significantly improved.

Thanks to the acquired transmission capacity, now also offered to other European operators, Fastweb has also strengthened its position as infrastructured wholesale operator, providing very high speed, high-performance and secure connections in Europe.

"We can now count on three new connection links, with very high transmission capacity, for the exchange of data. This means added value for both Fastweb and its customers", said Andrea Lasagna, Technology Officer at Fastweb. "Our continued commitment to the pursuit of excellence will allow us to continue to stand out in the market".