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Brand Finance – Fastweb is the only telecom in Italy to see a growth in its brand value

Press release 01/04/2020
A growth from ? 862 million to 900 million in one year

According to the Telecoms 150 Report, published today by the independent company Brand Finance, specialised in brand valuations, Fastweb is the only Italian telecom company showing a growth in its brand value from ? 862 million to 900 million, +4.4% compared with the previous year, and ranking among the top 100 brands, globally, on the list of telecommunication companies for 2020.

The Brand Finance Telecoms 150 2020 classification, in fact, measures the main brands worldwide in the telecommunication sector based on the economic value of their trademark originating from a combination of image and reputation. This valuation also takes into consideration the strength with which the telecoms affect the market as well as their financial performance.

Fastweb, strongly countering the trend of a sector that has experienced widespread contraction, is ranked in the top 100 telecom brands worldwide, placing 95th and strengthening its position also in the brand rating classification by placing 75th, up by 10 positions compared with 2019, with a valuation from AA to AA+.

Furthermore, the Brand Finance Report highlights the fact that the increase in the brand value of Fastweb was also affected by a 3.4% strengthening of the influence on the choices made by the customers, a result stemming from quality services driven by simple and transparent policies applied to the offers made to the customers.

The research, in fact, takes into consideration financial data, such as revenue, ebit and investment volume, and cross-references them with the brand, as an intangible asset, intended not only as a logo, but as the whole range of goods and services that create a distinctive image generating an economic benefit.

"This positioning in the highly-regarded  Brand Finance classification – which has highlighted our growth compared with all the other players in the Italian sector – is the recognition of a company that from the day of its establishment has always held in Italy a leading role in innovation" stated Roberto Chieppa, Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer of Fastweb. "We are particularly proud of this result because it confirms the company's commitment to a constant improvement of its services and the high quality of the path chosen a few years ago with its #nientecomeprima (nothing like before) strategy, based on constant innovation and simple and transparent offerings".