Bari Matera 5G: TIM, Fastweb and Huawei launch new services based on the mobile network of fifth generation

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Press release 28/06/2018
An additional 7 innovative 5G applications have landed in the health 5.0, smart city, media, smart port and public safety areas, after the first use scenarios were presented on 25 May to the Tourism and Industry 4.0 sectors.The project provides for a total investment of ? 60 million over 4 years, with a 75% coverage of the population by 2018 and full coverage by 2019.

The G5 in Italy makes another important step forward thanks to the new applications launched today by TIM, Fastweb and Huawei, within the assessment carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development on the progress of the "Bari Matera 5G" project, as set out in the tender. This project includes 7 innovative services which add decisive momentum to the testing of the mobile network of fifth generation and enrich the scenario of usage of the 5G, only one month after presenting the first case of the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The new applications are part of the most innovative frontiers of digital life in the near future: healthcare 5.0, smart city, media, smart port and public safety which are being added to the first services of the Tourism and Industry 4.0 sectors and presented at a press conference, via video communication between Bari and Matera on 25 May. Following is a description of the new use cases developed by Consorzio Bari-Matera 5G with the contribution of a primary partner:

Healthcare 5.0 Remote diagnosis and monitoring of the patients vital parameters and conditions. A telemedicine solution for home care and the monitoring of patients developed with the Haematology and Cellular Therapy Multi-Speciality Department of the Hospital Trust "Giovanni Paolo II" of Bari, for providing care for patients who can be treated at home. The model requires the use of a device for measuring vital parameters at the home of the patient, that uses a mobile laboratory with 5G connection for the performance of exams that would normally require the presence of medical personnel. This solution will allow for an improvement in the quality of life for the patients who can avoid hospitalisation, as well as providing guaranteed efficiency and a prompt response.

Healthcare 5.0Wearable device for assessing psycho-physical stress: an application developed with NTT DATA for monitoring the health of public transportation drivers, based on the use of hitoe?, an intelligent fabric capable of collecting data on the health of a person. The t-shirt hitoe? is used to monitor in real time some vital parameters, with a system for sending signals on the stress level and the posture of the person. This will make it possible to guarantee the safety of the worker who is wearing it and of the people depending on him/her. 

Tourism and culture. Graffiti for Smart city, augmented reality and intelligent portals: a project carried out with Graffiti For Smartcity and designed to renew urban spaces that are no longer being used, transforming them into new squares and meeting places for people and attracting new visitors, through the installation of smartwalls equipped with proximity sensors. These will connect with all the smartphones in proximity and will send to the users alerts with information on nearby attractions as well as personalised services including an application that will allow for the creation of art works in the form of digital graffiti to be shared with others.

Smart City. Smart Lighting: new lighting systems for the "Intelligent City". The Smart Lighting solution designed by Consorzio with Olivetti, is an innovative and sustainable lighting system that allows for minimising the costs of consumption and device maintenance, reducing significantly the environmental impact thanks to a dynamic and efficient hardware and software platform.

Media education and virtual reality. News services in 5G: application developed in cooperation with Rai Way which demonstrates how it is possible to transfer audiovisual live content, in high definition and with low latency, by exploiting the potentials offered by the G5 network. The journalist who is sent to a place of interest will have available a highly reliable connection, will be able to transmit his/her report live in high definition to the TG broadcasting office and will be able to seamlessly communicate with his/her colleagues at the TV network.

Smart Port and Public Safety. Security and control of the accesses to the port area of Bari: thanks to the intraconnection of the port infrastructures and several devices including sensors, video-cameras, drones and transportable gates, with a centralised command and control platform for access security and control, the security of the port area will be enhanced with an increase in tourism and commercial attractions. This solution was created by Consorzio Bari Matera 5G with Leonardo for the security components and for the command and control platform, with Bosch for the videocameras and with the support of the Authority of the Port System of the Southern Adriatic Sea and with the companies responsible for port security (Capitaneria di Porto, Finance Police and State Police).

Public safety. 5G and Wearable devices: the service, created by Consortium Bari-Matera 5G for mobile video surveillance can collect in real time video flows coming from different sources located on land (smartphones, encoders, video-cameras, action-cams), at sea (encoders on boats) and in the air (encoders and smartphones on helicopters and encoders/payloads on drones), an evolution of the Public Safety services already used by the main Italian Police Offices.

The new innovative services, besides showing the potentials of the 5G network, in terms of transmission capacity, significantly reduced latency, and directionality of the signal on the mobile terminals, confirm how the collaboration among the various players involved – including the valuable and active participation of the Municipalities of Bari and Molfetta – and the team work represent a first major step toward the development of new business models that will revolutionize these sectors, transforming them into a true digital laboratory.

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