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Press release

1 year of free Amazon Prime with Fastweb

Press release 21/12/2017
For all new customers who buy the land line plan "Internet", "Internet + Telephone" or "Internet + Telephone + Mobile"

With Fastweb Christmas arrives early. All new customers who buy the land line plan "Internet", "Internet + Telephone" or "Internet + Telephone + Mobile" will have the opportunity, in fact, to use, for one year and without any additional cost, the unlimited service of Amazon Prime 1 day delivery for more than 2 million products and 2-3 day delivery for more than 16 million products, as well as access to Prime Video, the Amazon streaming video platform which offers a wide range of content including Prime Original, such as The Grand Tour, Transparent and American Gods in addition to other successful movies and TV series. 

The membership with Prime Video allows customers to watch movies and TV series on, on the computer or using the Prime Video application on smart phones, tablets, a selection of Smart TVs, PlayStations, Xbox One, or on TV through the new Fire TV Stick that can be purchased from Thanks to ultra-fast connections in fibre optic everywhere in Italy, Fastweb customers will have the opportunity to experience all the excitement of the Prime Video streaming service.

In addition, Amazon Prime allows the customers to access in advance all "flash" offers available from, including Prime Photos which is an unlimited storage space for pictures.

"With Fastweb, Christmas arrives early thanks to the speed of our fibre network which allows for the fast deliveries offered by Amazon Prime" said Roberto Chieppa, Marketing & Customer Experience Officer of Fastweb. As of now, those who purchase our land line plans can have a 1 year membership to Amazon Prime with all its benefits."

The Fastweb plan for the land line market

The Fastweb plan for the land line market includes three solutions based on simplicity, convergence and convenience: "Internet", "Internet + Telephone" and "Internet + Telephone + Mobile", simple and intuitive even from their names, three solutions with clear and transparent prices, always the same and without additional costs for supplemental telephone services, such as voice mail or call transfer, which are included in the plans. With Fastweb, the Customer is always aware of the costs involved because "what he/she sees is what he/she pays for", with no surprises in the bill.

"Internet" is the basic plan which, for only Euro 24.95 every 4 weeks, provides to the home the fastest and best performing unlimited connectivity while for Euro 29.95 every 4 weeks, the solution "Internet + Telephone "includes also unlimited national calls from the land line to all land line numbers for only 5 cents a minute and, without call set up charges, in addition to calls to national mobile numbers and land line numbers of 50 international destinations, thus ensuring maximum convenience. "Internet + Telephone + Mobile" is the most complete and convergent Fastweb plan which, for only Euro 39.90 every 4 weeks, combines "Internet + Telephone" with Freedom, the most complete Fastweb mobile plan involving 8 Gigs of traffic in 4G and unlimited minutes and text messages. The Land line-Mobile option is also included in the price and allows for unlimited calls from the land line to all national mobile numbers.

All details are available on the website