Data Center

Only 37 Data Centers have official Tier IV certifications around the world

Fastweb was the first company to have built a next-generation Data Center certified Tier IV in Italy.

Opened in April 2015 in Milan, the infrastructure is characterised by its efficiency, power, security, respect for the environment as well as level of automation. It can be considered as a national point of excellence in the reliability of business services. The Fastwebs Data Center was awarded with the Tier IV certification (design and construction phase), which is the highest classification among data center facilities of the Uptime Institute in New York, the organization that evaluates the reliability and continuity of Data Center redundancy service and architecture across the world. There are 37 Data Centers Tier IV around the world, 17 in Europe and 6 in Italy.

The new Data Center provides advanced ICT and Cloud services to Enterprise customers, from small and medium businesses to large companies and Public Administration.

Here are hosted both traditional Value Added Services supplied by the Enterprise Division and innovative Value Added Services such as Cloud services. Being fully redundant, the facility ensures the continuity of services with very high thresholds (over 99.997%) certified by Uptime Institute after extensive controls and analyses.

The new Data Center is subject to Italian and European data security and privacy laws. It is also integrated with Fastweb's Security Operation Center, the 24-hour, 365-day service center that protects business customers from cyber-attacks.

The new data center in Milan brings to 10,000 square meters the data rooms of Fastweb.

What is a Tier IV certification

The Tier IV certification is the highest level of certification and it is released when the data center infrastructure has multiple, independent, physically separated and compartmentalized systems for the supply and the distribution of energy, as well as the cooling and transmission.

The key feature of the Tier IV data center is that it is not subject to interruptions of services for maintenance or failure for individual components and can operate independently even in the case of primary power outages.