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Fastweb for School

Course for Transversal Skills and Career Guidance (Percorsi per le Competenza Trasversali e per l'Orientamento PCTO - formerly SCHOOL-WORK ALTERNATION) at FASTWEB

From 2016, Fastweb has been committed to providing its contribution to PCTO projects (formerly School Work Alternation), promoting career counselling to bring school students closer to the world of work with an aim to increase awareness of digital culture and the spirit of innovation in the society.


Owing to the medical emergency linked to Covid-19, Fastweb has launched a series of measures to protect the health and safety of its employees, who have been given the opportunity to work from home. As a result, the “Course for Transversal Skills and Career Guidance” (formerly School-Work Alternation) has undergone certain changes to protect young people’s safety.

Fastweb will continue to allow students to experience interactive company visits to the Milan headquarters remotely, with a corporate presentation of the company and testimonials from some Fastweb employees. There are also plans for virtual visit to the cutting-edge, certified Tier IV Data Centre located in Milan.

Open to 208 students in six schools in Milan, Rome, Bari and Naples, the "PCTO Fastweb 2021" project, set up in association with the Thumbs Up Association, will be held entirely online from 16 March to 15 April 2021 with an aim to support and counsel the students, working on their motivation and awareness.

The project will be developed in four phases, involving a specific career counselling course, a coaching session, a focus session on the world of telecommunications and the working method at Fastweb with a virtual tour of the Data Centre and an educational course on digital skills through Schools Digital Wellbeing and future ToolKits, a series of specific contents on new technologies developed by Fastweb Digital Academy.

The following activities remain suspended:

  • Work experience for third- and fourth-year high school pupils that are held in February, June and October at the main offices in Milan, Bari, Rome and Naples, for 2 or 3 weeks, in various different company departments (for example, Marketing, Technology, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Consumer or Digital Transformation); the initiative is also open to the children of employees.
  • Fastweb Digital Academy Project - Digital Alternation. Promoted through the Fastweb Digital Academy with the support of Cariplo Factory and Thumbs Up, the initiative gives 100 students in Milan and it surrounding province the opportunity to interact with Fastweb employees and managers, who will put the kids to the test in a working environment, creating authentic learning opportunities; the initiative is also open to the children of employees.

    Read the testimonials of the young people who have done work experience at Fastweb:

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