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Fastweb: already Net Zero Carbon for direct emissions and all operations


The company is announcing the first results in its environmental sustainability journey: thanks to the important activity of reducing emissions and the launch of offset projects, Fastweb is already Net Zero Carbon for direct emissions and part of the indirect emissions. A national redevelopment project has also been launched with the involvement of the company employees.

After setting challenging emission reduction objectives validated by the Science Based Target initiative and being recognised by the Financial Times as one of Europe's Climate Leaders 2021, Fastweb is announcing another important step in its climate change strategy that will allow it to become Net Zero Carbon for all CO2 emissions by 2030.  

Fastweb has started an important process of offsetting residual emissions by becoming, from now on, Net Zero Carbon for all direct emissions and for the emissions related to the provision of services to customers, i.e. for Scope 1, Scope 2 and part of Scope 3 (emissions for the provision of services), the three macro classes of emission sources defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), which sets standards for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions.  Starting in 2025, Fastweb will also offset emissions related to the use of services by customers, with the aim of being completely Net Zero Carbon by 2030. 

The path pursued by Fastweb, with the support of AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente, will help the company achieve the ambitious sustainability objectives it has set for the coming years. To this end, projects to offset reforestation emissions, enhance the environment and develop renewable sources have been selected in Uganda, Brazil, India and Nicaragua.  These projects, which are certified by international bodies, will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but will also contribute to achieving some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined at the global level.

In order to contribute to the environmental regeneration of the Italian territory, Fastweb has also joined "Mosaico Verde", the national campaign for the reforestation of urban and suburban areas and the protection of existing forests as conceived and promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente.  Fastweb will support the project by committing to planting 9,000 trees over the next three years, giving priority to areas in need of redevelopment, so as to improve not only air quality but also the quality of life of the inhabitants of the areas involved. 

In 2021, reforestation work will be carried out in Milan, in the Porto di Mare-Rogoredo area; in Rome, in the Parco della Cellulosa and in Bari, in the Parco Urbano ASI, thanks also to the contribution of Fastweb employees, who will be able to select their area of interest and to actively participate, with the organisational support of associations such as Legambiente, during the tree-planting days.  This testifies to Fastweb's commitment to involving and raising awareness among the company's employees on such issues as urban regeneration, biodiversity protection and community well-being.

“Our ambition, which has enabled us to achieve 32 consecutive quarters of growth, is driving us to set equally challenging targets in the fight against climate change" said Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb. "We are one of the first companies in Italy to already be Net Zero Carbon for all direct emissions and part of indirect emissions, and we strongly believe that digital technology should become a key resource for sustainability". We believe that the future should belong to everyone and we are committed to making it increasingly connected, inclusive and sustainable.”

 “The commitment to decarbonisation is decisive for overcoming the climate crisis,” – says Giorgio Zampetti, General Manager of Legambiente,  – and it is urgent, as we are reiterating, in all the initiatives towards COP 26 in Glasgow, that we must move immediately from words to deeds.  Businesses can also do a lot in this process, by integrating climate objectives with the regeneration and requalification of our environmental and forestry heritage. As will be done with this project”.

Sandro Scollato, CEO of AzzeroCO2, said: "In order to implement a real ecological transition that can put the brakes on the climate crisis, the active participation of companies is fundamental -.   The path undertaken by Fastweb and the projects carried out together are a concrete example of how companies can now play their part in the important process of implementing the SDGs goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

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