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Trusted and Lean Customer Partner

Customer needs and service quality
Transparency and trust
Privacy and data protection

Fastweb wants to be an increasingly trusted and transparent partner for its customers. This means commitment across the board to service innovation, improvement of the customer journey and customer experience and for easy and uninterrupted access to connectivity and Customer Service.

broadband customers as at the end of 2017, +4,1% on 2016.
fibre-optic connected ultra-broadband customers as at the end of 2017, +28% on 2016.
points in the Net Promoter Score against the average of competitors in 2017.


In 2017 Fastweb started a new strategy, named #nientecomeprima, based on transparency towards its customers to make offers increasingly clear, simple and responding to their real needs. Find out more

Declared connection speed

Fastweb offers a new free service which allows customers to check their connection speed and compare it with the speed performance declared before the activation of the service.


The customer area is also accessible from mobile phones. Customers can check the quality of their network by means of a speed test and contact customer assistance directly by e-mail or chat. Read More

App MyFastweb

MyFastweb is a free application for residential customers and customers with a VAT registration number, which allows them to manage their subscriptions anywhere, directly from their smartphones or tablets. Functions include subscription management, modem configuration, automatic connection to best WOW FI or 4G network and information on subscription activation status. Available for Android and IoS


Free and fully digital scheme that rewards Fastweb customer loyalty with benefits, advantages and the chance to take part in competitions and exclusive events. Read More