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Strategy, Goals and Report

Sustainability is one of Fastweb values and it drives our business decisions. We believe that Sustainability means value creation, development of people and of the community, protection of the environment.

We have analysed our activities, we have compared them with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations at a global level, and we have identified 9 objectives that we can contribute to achieve thanks to, for instance, infrastructure development and digital innovation solutions, the dissemination of digital competences and digital adoptions and the reduction of environmental impacts from our activities.

Fastweb for the country

Our initiatives and our projects play a key role in the acceleration of Italy’s digitalisation. Our goal is to eliminate the digital divide in Italy, close the gap in terms of connection speed and quality of services between large cities and small towns, making gigabit connectivity available to all families and businesses by 2025.

We also want to combine our infrastructural vocation with the immediacy and ease of use allowed by advanced digital platforms and offer connectivity with the best performance anywhere and at any time, a simple and fast customer experience, maximum IT security and data protection.

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Fastweb for the people

We are convinced that digitalisation will be a driving force for growth and social development throughout Italy. We want to make our contribution to spreading digital skills to all citizens and promoting the growth of a real digital culture in Italy. We want to create value for our customers, for our employees and for the communities around us. We want to be a reliable and transparent partner for our customers, to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment that places people and their needs at the centre.

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Fastweb for the environment

We are committed to contributing to one of the main challenges for our generation: combating climate change. We have set ambitious goals to reduce our carbon footprint approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. We constantly monitor our environmental impacts, we invest to make our network infrastructure more efficient in terms of the usage of electrical energy, which we purchase 100% from renewable sources, and we design efficient products and services.

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The social-economic contribution of Fastweb

Through our business activity, we actively participate in the growth of the country providing our economic contribution in terms of GDP and taxes, and our social contribution in terms of employment. Our contributions are not only generated directly by the business activity we perform but also by the activation of the supply chain and the wealth injected into the social-economic system from our job creation. 86% of Fastweb purchasing and investments, around 2 billion per year, takes place in Italy and is a driving force in the Italian economy.

* The item "tax contribution" includes income taxes and social security contributions paid by Fastweb and its employees in terms of a direct impact; as an indirect and induced impact, this item considers only social security contributions paid by the companies and the employees of indirectly activated sectors or of satellite industries.

  1. 29,831 jobs created
  2. € 3 billion in GDP contribution
  3. € 489 million in tax contribution*

Sustainability Report

Every year, we publish a Sustainability Report where we transparently describe the impact of our corporate actions on social, economic and environmental spheres. The Report is prepared according to the “GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards” at a comprehensive level. Before publishing this document, we requested an assurance audit by an independent external body which has confirmed its accuracy, quality of information and level of compliance with the declared reporting principles.

Download the Sustainability Report 2020