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Strategy, Goals and Report

For Fastweb, sustainability is a value and a pillar of its business. Commitment to the environment and society is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Digitalization and digital skills

Fastweb is a key player in the digitalisation of Italy. Not only has the company decided to invest in the spreading of next generation infrastructure, but it is also working to promote the use of the Internet and digital enablement. We are convinced that digitalisation will be a driving force for growth and social development throughout Italy. Read More

Trusted and lean customer partner

The central focus on the customer is a fundamental principle for Fastweb. We want to be an increasingly trusted and transparent partner for our customers. This means commitment to service innovation, improvement of the customer journey and customer experience, easy and uninterrupted access to connectivity and customer service. Read More

Work and inclusion

"Work and inclusion" means building a positive working environment that is open to diversity and that successfully attracts and trains the best talent. The goal is to design an ecosystem where what matters are people and their needs both at work and in their personal lives. We want to achieve our business goals starting with people from Fastweb. Read More

Environmental responsibility and sustainability

For Fastweb, being a responsible player means monitoring and managing its social and environmental impact throughout the value chain. Specifically, environmental sustainability is a primary issue, which the company pursues through targeted energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions monitoring, two of the fundamental areas of impact in telecommunications. Read More

34.374 Jobs created
€ 3 billion Contribution to the GDP
€ 544 million in tax contributions*

* The tax contributions item includes income tax and social security contributions paid by Fastweb and its employees in terms of direct impact; in terms of indirect impact and downstream activities, this item considers only social security contributions paid by the companies and employees in the sectors activated indirectly or satellite industries.

Fastweb's contribution to the country

With its business activity, Fastweb contributes to the growth of the country, giving both a financial contribution, in terms of contribution to GDP and tax, and a social contribution, in terms of employment. Fastweb's contribution is not only generated directly by its business activity, but also by the activation of the supply chain and the wealth injected into the social-economic system owing to the jobs created by Fastweb. Some 96% of Fastweb purchasing and investment, around two billion per year, takes place in Italy and constitutes a driver for the Italian economy.

Sustainability Report

Every year, Fastweb publishes a Sustainability Report in which it transparently describes the impact of its corporate actions in the economic, environmental and social spheres. Before publishing the report, Fastweb requested an assurance inspection by an independent external body, which confirmed the accuracy, quality of information and level of compliance with the declared reporting principles. For informations: