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Fastweb for the people

We are convinced that digitalisation will be a driving force for growth and social development throughout Italy. We want to make our contribution to spreading digital skills to all citizens and promoting the growth of a real digital culture in Italy. We want to create value for our customers, for our employees and for the communities around us. We want to be a reliable and transparent partner for our customers, to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment that places people and their needs at the centre.

certificates issued by Fastweb Digital Academy since 2016
of employees enabled to work remotely every day of the week
1 million
also raised with the contributions of employees and donated to small entrepreneurs facing difficulties
300 thousand
donated to hospitals engaged in the fight against coronavirus and another € 70 thousand donated thanks to the contributions of our employees

#Get Digital: a concrete commitment to developing digital skills

We have available infrastructures, we offer digital services for families, companies and the public administration, but to ensure that numerous opportunities related to digital transition can materialise, it is important to promote an actual digital culture in Italy.

This is why we are promoting numerous initiatives aimed at reducing the cultural gap present in our Country and to boost the growth of digital skills through the project #GetDigital.

We have joined the Digital Republic, the manifesto promoted by the Ministry of Innovation.

Fastweb Digital Academy

In 2016, together with Fondazione Cariplo, we have created the Fastweb Digital Academy (www.fastwebdigital.academy) within Cariplo Factory in Milan. The objective of the Fastweb Digital Academy is to help young people to enter the world of digital professions, to train the employees of the future, with strong digital expertise, indispensable for the digital transformation of our Country.

Since 2020, all courses have been restructured so that they can be delivered online and therefore allow participation from all over the national territory.

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Digital wellbeing

In collaboration with the Bicocca University of Milan we have developed a project dedicated to Digital Well-being which provides for the training of teachers and students with the aim of guaranteeing a healthy and aware online presence, especially for the younger segment of the population.

Digital Well-being for School, is the new project designed for middle and high schools which provides a free online training course dedicated to teachers and offers resources and tools for the education of “digital citizenship”, thus targeting young people.

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Digital IQ

For all citizens and companies, we have created Digital IQ, a test on digital skills and aptitudes. The test is free of charge and it shows the level of digital knowledge and training needs.

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Innovation, Trust, Simplicity and Listening to Customers

We want to be a trusted and transparent partner for our customers. This translates into a commitment to service innovation, improvement of the customer experience, easy and uninterrupted access to connectivity and to customer service.

#nientecomeprima (nothing like before) is the formula that we have chosen to lead to a radical change in the world of telecommunications, rewriting the rules of the market through an innovative approach that is transparent, simple, fast and customer focused.

All the aspects of simplicity and transparency of #nientecomeprima are present in all the offerings that from 2021 are becoming a part of the new strategic proposition NeXXt Generation 2025

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Working Smart(er): people-centered

Working Smart(er) is the formula that defines the approach to Fastweb work: a way of working where people and their needs are central and where technologies are used to build, together with the collaborators, a dynamic, an inclusive and innovative work environment. Co-design, empowering, efficiency, smart-working and welfare are the key elements of this approach.

During such an unusual time, characterized by physical distance and a strong sense of uncertainty and fragility, Fastweb has proved to be a Human Centric company, putting the protection of the health and safety of its employees and their families first and also putting a lot of energy into supporting people and helping them maintain physical and psychological well-being while also ensuring the continuation of their personal and professional growth and development paths.

To know more about how people work in Fastweb, about remote work, welfare, alternating school-work (PCTO) as well as training and development opportunities, visit the section Work in Fastweb.

Focus on the territory and the communities

In 2020, Fastweb’s support to the community was unprecedented: the company took action from the very first days of the health emergency to support hospitals, associations, students and the most vulnerable people, in these most difficult times. Fastweb has provided donations, materials and the skills of its people with the ultimate goal of protecting health, supporting people through technology, ensuring distance learning and training.

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