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Fastweb for people

We want to create value for our customers, for our employees and for the communities around us. We want to be a reliable and transparent partner for our customers, to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment that places our people and their needs at the centre of our strategies while promoting the growth of a real digital culture in Italy. We are convinced that digitalisation will be a driving force for growth and social development throughout Italy.

certificates issued by Fastweb Digital Academy in 2019
people have joined the smartworking project in 2019 (72% of employees)
employees' children have benefited from the Welfare@Fastweb educational project
training hours provided to Fastweb employees

#Get Digital: a concrete commitment to develop digital skills

We have infrastructures, we offer digital services to families, companies and the public administration, but to ensure that numerous opportunities related to digital transition can materialise, it is important to promote a digital culture in Italy.

This is why we have promoted numerous initiatives aimed at reducing the cultural gap present in our Country and to boost the growth of digital skills through the project #GetDigital.

We also have joined the Digital Republic, the manifesto promoted by the Ministry of Innovation.

Fastweb Digital Academy

In 2016, together with Fondazione Cariplo, we created the Fastweb Digital Academy as part of Cariplo Factory in Milan. The objective of the Fastweb Digital Academy is to help young people to enter the world of digital professions, to train the employees of the future, with strong digital expertise, indispensable for the digital transformation of our Country.

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Digital wellbeing

In collaboration with the Bicocca University of Milan we developed a project dedicated to the Digital Wellbeing, designed to train both teachers and students. The project was selected and co-financed by the Ministry of Innovation as a reference project for the development of media skills.

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Digital IQ

For all citizens and companies, we created Digital IQ, a test on digital competences and attitudes. The test is free of charge and it shows the level of digital knowledge and training needs.

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Innovation, Trust and Listening to Customers

We want to be a trusted and transparent partner for our customers. This means a commitment to service innovation, improvement of the customer experience, easy and uninterrupted access to connectivity and to customer service.

#nientecomeprima (nothing like before) is the formula that we have chosen to lead to a radical change in the world of telecommunications, rewriting the rules of the market through an innovative approach that is transparent, simple, fast and customer focused.

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Working Smart: person centred

Working Smart is the formula that defines Fastweb's approach to work: a way of working where people and their needs are central and where technologies are used to build, together with the employees, a dynamic, inclusive and innovative work environment. Co-design, empowering, efficiency, smart-working and welfare are the key elements of this approach.

To know more about how people work in Fastweb, about smartworking, welfare, work experience internships, consult Working in Fastweb.

Focus on the territory and the communities

Fastweb is a company that focuses on the needs of the social fabric and supports projects developed by non-profit associations and organisations, independently or in cooperation with its employees or customers. The idea is that, coordinating efforts, we can contribute to society and implement major projects.

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