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Smart Digital Community Enabler

Digitalisation of Italy
Technological and service innovation
Development and spreading of digital skills

From the very beginning Fastweb has been investing in the digitalisation of Italy.

This means not only investing in the spreading of next generation infrastructure but also working to promote use of the Internet and digital enablement in order to make new business opportunities possible. We are convinced that digitalisation will be a driving force for growth in Italy.

Fastweb's fiber optic network reaches now 13 million households, of which 8 million through its proprietary FTTC and FTTH infrastructure. Furthermore Fastweb offers broadband connectivity up to 1 Gbps in the main Italian cities
Fastweb offers 4G over 98% of Italian territory. To use the Internet away from home and not use up their Gigabytes of traffic, Fastweb customers can use WOW FI, which is already active in 800 Italian cities
#GETDIGITAL is Fastweb’s framework of educational initiatives aimed to promote digital skills and to adopt of digital behavior in schools, people and small and medium-sized enterprises

Development of the FTTCab network and FTTH

The performance upgrade of the network with FTTCab technology up to 200 Megabits and FTTH up to 1 Gbps is always ongoing with the goal of reaching 50% of the population by 2020.

Full MVNO and WOW FI

Fastweb is a Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator and offers 4G services in 7,276 municipalities and up to 225 Megabits per second in downloads in more than 1,342 municipalities. For customers who connect when they are away from home, Fastweb has launched WOW FI, an innovative widespread Wi-Fi solution, in which each modem becomes an Internet access point at the disposal of the customer community.


Fastweb is one of the companies more involved in the development of a 5G network in Italy: in 2017 the testing promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development in the cities of Bari and Matera together with TIM and Huawei was started. Fastweb has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Municipality of Rome for the development of projects based on 5G and wi-fi technologies in some areas of the city.

Fastweb Digital Academy

To spread digital culture and bring young people closer to digital jobs, Fastweb has created a school in Milan together with Fondazione Cariplo. As part of Cariplo Factory, the great hub of open innovation that brings together the potential of non-profit and for-profit companies and aims to create 10,000 job opportunities over three years, Fastweb Digital Academy wants to speed up the meeting between young people and the world of work training 1,000 young people each year. Fastweb Digital Academy offers youths and adults specialised training courses, with an informal, experiential format. Read More


Fastweb launches a special edition of Fastweb4School in order to promote innovation among school classes. The goal of this initiative is to stimulate the realization of digital projects in Secondary Schools and to contribute to the growth of digital skills among students. For every School Institute that will collect at least 50% of money through crowdfunding for their initiative, Fastweb will provide the remaining 50% up to maximum of 2.500 euros for each initiative. Funding is non-repayable and ownership of the realization of the idea will remain to the educational institution that proposed it. Read More

Digital IQ

Digital IQ is an evaluation tool for digital skills and digital attitude developed in collaboration with the University of Milan-Bicocca and a group of psychologists and psychometrists. The aim is to give people a self-assessment tool and suggest areas of improvement relative to digital skills and digital attitude. Digital IQ is theoretically based on the most common frameworks, in particular DIGCOMP 2.0. Areas of competence relating to the following areas are assessed: Information, Communication and Collaboration, Digital Content Creation, Security, Problem Solving. A differentiating element from the DIGCOMP 2.0 framework is Problem Solving macro-area, which has been enlarged and renamed “Digital Wellbeing”. The test is divided into blocks that can be carried out at different times. At the end of the test the user obtains the certification of his digital profile, downloadable in PDF and sharable on social networks. Read More