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Press release

Fastweb dresses Milan in new colours with FastArt

Press release 18/10/2017
In Quarto Oggiaro, the mural created by the Orticanoodles group as a gift to the residents in the district


Fastweb colours the Milan suburb with "Fiori a Quarto Oggiaro" (Flowers for Quarto Oggiaro), the mural that the company decided to donate to the district and with which it has inaugurated FastArt, the project sponsored to make the suburbs and places where the city community congregates more welcoming with street art. The work created and painted by Orticanoodles, the group of artists internationally renowned for their striking public works of art received the support of MM Spa and the patronage of Zona 8 Municipal Authority.

The mural created on the façade of the building at no. 1 Via Cesare Pascarella, owned by MM Spa, celebrates the dynamism, cultural diversity and beauty of Milan through the reproduction of a gigantic bunch of flowers that Fastweb is donating to the city, its suburbs and above all, the women that live there with strength every day. Giving flowers is the most direct gesture for communicating one's attention and closeness to people.

"Ours is a company that puts people in touch with one another, that allows them to communicate with the most innovative tools", explained Luca Pacitto, Head of Brand Marketing & Communication at Fastweb. "But this time Fastweb has decided to put the suburbs in touch, creatively emphasizing its closeness to the citizens and territory of Milan, its commitment to social responsibility in promoting radical urban change, just as we dedicate ourselves to the development and modernisation of the country on a day-to-day basis with innovative services and ultra-fast fibre optic connections to the Internet that can make everyday life easier with access to the digital world".

"The creation of the work "Flowers for Quarto Oggiaro", the gigantic mural that occupies the entire façade of a building in the district of the same name in Milan, was completed on Monday evening. The local government, partly through the patronage of Zona 8 Municipal Authority, appreciated Fastweb's initiative to give this enormous bunch of flowers to the city", declared Carmela Rozza, Councillor for Security of the City of Milan. "The work painted by the internationally renowned group of artists, Orticanoodles, represents a wonderful example of the use of art in processes of urban redevelopment because it contributes to making our city safer and more liveable. In addition to technological innovation, it is important to create value for the inhabitants of the city and the suburbs through initiatives like these. Public art is a source of new stimulation and a new way of responding to the complex needs of a city, which are changing rapidly and require greater liveability, greater security, the option to use public spaces and the participation of the inhabitants in urban transformation".

An area of 300m2, 9 stories tall, 100 stencils and 50 litres of paint for the creation for one of the biggest public works of art in Milan: these are the figures of the mural, which confirms the commitment and involvement of the company in art and culture as powerful tools for urban transformation and social reclamation. A revolutionary project, underscored by the power and innovation of art, the lines and changes in colour, emotions expanding towards modernity.

From now on, in Quarto Oggiaro too, nothing will be as it was before.