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Press release

Mobile Fastweb reaches the milestoneof 1 million active customers

Press release 02/11/2017
The acquisition rate of new customers has quadrupled thanks to the transparency and simplicity strategy of the new mobile solutions

Transparency, freedom and no limits are the three pillars on which Fastweb has designed its mobile solutions, marking the beginning, in May, of a genuine revolution in the world of in-mobility voice and data services. A strategy that was expressly welcomed by the public and that has allowed Fastweb to reach and exceed in only few weeks the important milestone of 1 million active SIMs.

Starting with the launch of the new plans – characterised by the claim "Nothing will ever be the same" – the activation of SIMs was subject, in fact, to an unprecedented acceleration: the number of new customers in the last three quarters quadrupled compared with the same period of the previous year.  In the quarter ended 30 September 2017, the growth in mobile customers stood at +57% compared with the same period of 2016. This data is particularly significant in that it is strengthening and amplifying the already positive trend of recent months.

This result is directly linked to the characteristics of the new plans with which Fastweb has decidedly answered the consumers' need for clarity and transparency by eliminating the traditional add-on charges that have caused a rise in the plan prices well above their nominal value.

In fact, the mobile plans offered by Fastweb include all ancillary services (voice mail, call back feature, credit check) finally ending phone bill surprises. In addition, the set-up charges are also eliminated and the cost for exceeding minutes and data included in the plan, are among the lowest in the market. The minutes included in the plans can also be used for calls to more than 50 international destinations.

Finally, all plans allow, in addition to the included data, for unlimited browsing in-mobility thanks to the automatic connection to 1 million WoWFI hot spots, i.e. the innovative wifi service shared by the customers of the Fastweb community, available today in more than 800 Italian cities.

To the benefit of all its mobile customers, Fastweb  continues its path of technological innovation and has been working for some time, one of the first at an international level, on the development of an innovative 5G network. For this purpose, Fastweb started important trials to test the complex ecosystem consisting of networks, applications and services thanks to which the 5G will become the main enabler of the smart cities of the future. Fastweb did in fact start an important 5G trial in Rome in cooperation with the municipality and is also among the leading companies of the consortium to be driving the 5G trial in Bari and Matera with the participation of 52 international, national and local companies and organisations.


The mobile services offered by Fastweb consist of four scenarios designed to meet all communication and connection needs. The services can be accessed by both new customers and customers who already have a mobile plan with Fastweb. Mobile 500 includes 500 minutes, 500 messages and 3GB in 4G while Mobile 250 includes 250 minutes, 250 messages and 6GB in 4G, both at the price of Euro 9.95 for 4 weeks (Euro 5.95 for land line customers). Those who wish to have unlimited calling time and 6GB in 4G can subscribe to an unlimited use at Euro 14.95 for 4 weeks (Euro 9.95 for land line customers). Finally, Fastweb is launching Mobile 100, a new basic plan, unique in the market, which allows for accessing all mobile services at only Euro 1.95 every 4 weeks (Euro 0.95 for land line customers) which includes 100 minutes and 100 Mega of Internet use in 4G. Fastweb guarantees the same prices through all its sales channels, in stores and on the website