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I am honoured to have been chosen by Fastweb to accompany the firm in its new communication project. So far, our collaboration has been absorbing and fun, which are also two distinctive elements in my approach to training.

The next two years will be intensely devoted to achieving the most important goal for any athlete: playing a leading role in the Olympic Games. Thanks to the support of Fastweb I will be able to give my all to concentrating on my preparation and training.

Filippo Tortu

We all have a dream

To tell not only its own dream but also that of each and every Italian, Fastweb has chosen the fastest Italian ever as its endorser until 2020: Filippo Tortu, the sprinter who, over a distance of 100 metres, beat the record held by sporting legend, Pietro Mennea. So just as Filippo is dreaming of going to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Fastweb has another equally strong ambition: To become the first Italian fully fixed-mobile convergent operator to connect Italy with 5G.

Speed in our DNA

Just like Filippo, speed has always been in Fastweb’s DNA and after having played a leading role in bringing ultra-fast ultra-broadband connections to households and companies in Italy, the company is once again reaffirming itself as a leader in innovation with another important dream to pursue for its country: to have all Italians make the jump to full digitalisation with G5.