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Vision and Values

Together we connect the future,

The success of Fastweb and its ability to face the challenges of the market are the result of sharing a common Vision and Values from which the company and its employees draw inspiration every day.

Its Vision and Values are updated in line with social and technological changes and are the expression of a company that is continuously evolving and that has a confident future outlook, prepared to continue in its leading role in the digitalisation of Italy.


Together we connect the future, simply.


We make decisions for the good of our customers
We take care of our colleagues
We take care of ourselves


We are digital
We are leaders
We are entrepreneurs


We create value for the company
We invest in people and the community
We make sustainable choices for the environment

NeXXt Generation 2025

Il progetto per la crescita digitale del Paese

Massima trasparenza e semplicità
Innovazione Tecnologica
Impegno per la comunità