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Environmental Sustainability
Energy efficiency and commitment to combating climate change

Fastweb is committed to adopting solutions that reduce the impact on the environment throughout the value chain, from buying electrical energy from renewable sources to the selection of efficient devices for our customers' homes and businesses.

We are constantly looking for solutions and innovation to improve energy efficiency and we are monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, two of the fundamental spheres of impact in telecommunications.

reduction in energy consumption per Gigabyte of data traffic over the last five years
direct buying of electrical energy from renewable sources
GJ of energy not consumed thanks to energy saving initiatives

Energy saving initiatives

100% of the energy purchased by Fastweb is produced from renewable sources. Furthermore, Fastweb has launched numerous initiatives to improve its energy performance: thanks to the initiatives implemented, in 2016, there was a total energy saving of more than 1 GWh (approximately 3.6k GJ).

Carbon Footprint Project

In order to measure its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, in 2015, Fastweb launched the Carbon Footprint Project, for the purpose of defining a corporate Carbon Footprint calculation model. In 2016, Fastweb's efficiency in terms of emissions, calculated as emission intensity, was 87 tons CO2 /TByte.

Data Center

Fastweb’s Milan Data centre, certified as Tier IV by the New York Uptime Institute, was carefully designed including the details regarding environmental sustainability and the focus on pollution and is powered by energy solely from renewable sources. Thanks to an innovative cooling system, it has high energy efficiency (Power Use Effectiveness PUE 1-25): every year, 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions are saved, the equivalent of 60 flights between Milan and Rome. The Milan data centre is among the 6% of least polluting data centres in the world. Read More